Close your eyes and imagine you are a beautiful glass bowl, over half full of water. It is one way of understanding the water within us.  Now try to picture that within our veins, we have minerals in almost the same proportions as the oceans. The “sea” within us has the same saltiness as the Precambian seas of three billion years ago. As you begin to ponder your inner waters, you may feel a sense of awe and reverence.

Water is cleansing to us internally and externally. Like a flower, we need water to survive and we need clean, pure water to thrive. The water we drink helps flush out toxins from our body, helps our skin stay hydrated and looking youthful, and keeps our joints lubricated, among many other things. Where does the water you drink come from? If it is city water, it probably has chlorine and fluoride in it. If it is from a  plastic bottle, it may have particles of plastic. Well water that comes from deep within the earth has minerals and can be very healthy, but should also be tested for harmful microorganisms and chemicals. Reverse Osmosis is one type of purified water that is easily available and is what I choose to have at home. Think about what kind of water you want to be replenishing your fluids with.

Water is also receptive in nature. In his book “Messages from Water”, Masaro Emoto shares the results of his experiments on how water responds to our intention. He photographed the crystals of frozen water under a microscope before and after showing it words like “Love”, “Anger”, “Compassion”, “Hate”. His findings were fascinating, and while they are not universally accepted by the scientific community, they suggest that our thoughts and feelings about ourselves imprint into the water within us. Look at these two water crystals. One was in response to the words: “Love and Gratitude”. The other to: “You disgust me.” To see images of water crystals and how they responded to words, music and prayer, click here:

Next time you are being too hard on yourself or overly critical, pause. Take a breath. Notice how you feel in your body. Then release the negative emotions and inhale the word “Love”. Breathe into the feeling of “Love” and see how that feels.

Written By, AHWD Wellness Expert – Marysia Miernowska