Halloween is a lot of fun for the whole family, but it also has a dark side. Cavities, stomach aches, and kids on sugar highs are no fun. Sugar is so incredibly addicting that many of us are trying to keep it as a rare treat.  But having so much candy leftover for weeks after the holiday becomes tempting to adults as well. Halloween can feel dark and heavy when we feel our family’s healthy habits are being sabotaged.

So here are some ways to keep Halloween fun and healthy!

The easiest way to avoid bags of candy in the house is to throw a party in lieu of trick or treating. You can make spooky, fun and healthy snacks for the guests, such as those pictured here.


But trick or treating is fun, and if you do go out, here are some tricks to choose from

1.Let your kids choose a portion of their candy to donate to a shelter. You can tell them to choose half, or have them keep 10 pieces – whatever feels right to you.

2.Throw a party for your kid’s animals and dolls! They will “eat” the candy that is given to them!

3.Share with adults. Ask your child if she is willing to share some of the candy with your coworkers who don’t have kids to share with them.

4.Let them trade their candy for some small toys from the dollar store, or for a couple of bucks they can add to their piggy bank.

You can also do your part in keeping Halloween fun and healthy for your community by choosing not to hand out candy. Instead, choose from these edible and non edible treats:

1.Vampire teeth

2.Temporary Tattoos

3.Halloween stickers

4.Small cans of playdoh


6.Pencils with Halloween erasers

7.Halloween bouncy balls

8.Small bottles of bubbles

9.Spooky finger puppets

10.Glow bracelets

11.Coupons to a fun kid class in your neighborhood

12.Pumpkin seeds, nuts, or little bags of trail mix

13.String Cheese sticks


Finally, let your kids have fun on Halloween! Rationing can make candy even more appealing, so “trick” your kids so they can feel the healthy joy that comes from sharing, donating and giving to others. And don’t forget to brush and floss extra well on those spooky Halloween nights!

Written By, AHWD Wellness Expert – Marysia Miernowska