Last week, we talked about the amazing, ancient herb Garlic and how it can boost our immunity and ward off a cold. Interestingly enough, a few days later, I woke up feeling like I was coming down with something. My energy was really low, I was sneezing, my eyes were itchy, and I was starting to feel congested. Oh no! I didn’t want to get sick! I could feel my body working hard to fight off a bug.

So I went for the garlic. I chopped up 2 cloves, poured raw honey all over them and drank it down with some fresh lemons squeezed in hot water.  Later that day, I crushed another clove of raw garlic on my lunch. By the afternoon, I felt perfectly normal. Now, a few days later, I can say that I am in the clear! I did not get sick, and I thank the garlic!

Continuing the theme of prevention, here are some other important practices that help us stay healthy during the Flu Season.

Don’t stress & Do sleep!  – It has happened to us all. We are tired, overworked, stressed, pushing to finish a project, and when it is finally done and we think we can rest, we get sick. When we are tired or stressed, our natural defense goes down and we are more susceptible to catching a cold. So do your best to leave work at work. If you are consumed with stress, try meditation, yoga, or breathing techniques. Get a massage, take a bath, talk to a friend, go have fun and laugh! And then go to sleep and treat your sleep as something sacred. You need your rest.

Exercise – Staying active will also keep you healthy — in the long term, and during the flu season. Research shows that moderate intensity exercise — daily 20- to 30-minute walks, going to the gym every other day, or biking with kids a few times a week — may reduce the number of colds you get.

Nutrition – Eat a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, and your body will be stronger and more resistant to infection. If you are not eating enough fruits and vegetables, consider taking a multivitamin. Taking probiotics is another great way to boost immunity, while replenishing your digestive system with healthy bacteria. According to a 2011 meta-analysis of 10 studies, people taking probiotics were 42% less likely to get a gold than those on a  placebo.

As I reflect on ways to ward off a cold, I realize how it all comes down to common sense and listening to our bodies. Notice if your energy levels are dropping and respond by giving yourself some nutritious food and more rest. If you feel your body is fighting infection, give it a boost with garlic. I feel like this wisdom has been around for centuries. Maybe you have some tips that have been taught in family for generations? Sometimes, the old remedies are the simplest and most effective ones.


Written By, AHWD Wellness Expert – Marysia Miernowska