Gratitude.  Such a simple concept it is often overlooked. Yet it is another example of the simple being often the most profound.

Expressing gratitude, feeling grateful, and maintaining a daily practice of gratitude is not only deeply healing, but also incredibly transformative.

So I invite you to use “Thanks – Giving Day” as a special beginning of a new daily practice. If there is one daily practice we should all implement, it is not quitting coffee, working out more, or anything else — it is this. This is the place to begin. Once the gratitude is overflowing from our hearts, the other commitments happen with much more ease and grace. Because they do not come from a place of insecurity, lack, or limitation — they come from a place of abundant joy, trust, and gratitude!

Find a moment in your day to reflect on, and perhaps write down, your daily gratitude. I have a habit of expressing my gratitude to myself or out loud right before I sit down and eat lunch.  A busy day happens, suddenly it is lunch time, I prepare my food, I sit down and there it is – a moment of spaciousness, of stillness. A perfect minute to quiet my mind and body and to check in with my heart. This is such an easy practice to incorporate into your day, and it even helps you enjoy and digest your lunch better as you will surely eat with more mindfulness and appreciation.

I also log my gratitude for the week every Sunday night. This practice has truly been transformational. Find what works for you, but journaling and keeping a list is a powerful way to fuel the gifts of gratitude.

What happens when you begin looking at your gratitude is it begins to shine more brightly. Soon, you see it everywhere. Your whole life becomes illuminated with joy, beauty and opportunity. It is deeply moving, to feel immense gratitude pouring from your heart. And what is so miraculous, is that the more grateful we feel, the more we have to be grateful for. As if by magic, you find yourself stunned at the incredible gifts that keep coming to you.  It is a mysterious truth: the more gratitude we express, the more we have to be grateful for.

So do something different, simple and miraculous for yourself.  Train your awareness to see the magnificent in your life. Feel your heart becoming full with gratitude. What does it feel like to be so grateful, so in awe of your blessings?  Watch the miracles unfold and welcome the gifts that a practice of gratitude brings into your life.  And as the miracles start pouring in, don’t forget to say “Thank you!”

Do you have a gratitude practice? Will you start one? Have you ever experienced the gift of gratitude? What are you grateful for?

Written By, AHWD Wellness Expert – Marysia Miernowska