As an herbalist, I work with medicinal plants on a daily basis. I grow them in the garden, I harvest them, dry them for teas or tincture them for medicine. And while I have reverence for so many plants and their healing properties, I tend to go through phases where I am strongly drawn to one particular plant.

Our bodies are wise beyond our comprehension, and I have learned to listen to the pull of the herbs. Whenever I follow my intuition and start taking in the plant that is calling, I feel an awakened sense of energy, and increasingly more vitality and harmony. The longer I work with a plant, the more we become intertwined, and it becomes delightful, like a love affair. Yes, at times, it feels I am having love affairs with medicinal plants that make me glow, add a spring to my step, and give me more radiance and joy.

Recently, I have come back to an old lover of mine, and as I share her incredible powers with friends and clients, I see everyone falling in love with her too. Unlike a love affair, the gifts she gives me simple increase as I share her with others generously. So I will tell you about this magnificent berry today, and I believe you too, will fall in love with her and fall in love with the way she makes you feel!

Schizandra Berry is a medicinal berry that originates from China. It was written about over 2,000 years ago in traditional Chinese medicine and it has been revered as the fruit of longevity and an “immortality tonic” for its anti aging benefits. It is one of the only herbs in TCM that targets all 12 meridians, which means it improves the functioning of all systems of the body and is a general strengthening tonic. It is a powerful adaptogen, which means it improves our bodies ability to respond to stress. If you are feeling low energy, overworked, tired or depressed, Schizandra will bring vitality, energy and youthfulness into your life, while giving your skin a youthful glow!

A kidney and liver tonic, Schizandra strengthens and cleanses the body. It also supports and builds the nervous system, nourishes the brain, improves circulation, and balances the reproductive system, to name just a few benefits. As a reproductive system and sexual tonic, it is useful to balance sexual fluids, improve libido and endurance for both men and women.

Schizandra is also a brain tonic and is great for mental performance, clarity and memory. Studies show that people who took Schizandra while studying did better on exams that people who drank coffee. As it brings clarity, it heightens our senses, improving vision and hearing.

Finally, Schizandra is a beauty tonic. It helps skin hold in moisture, making it more full and beautiful. Due to its positive cumulating affect, the tradition in China is to take Schizandra for 100 days to purify the blood, make one radiant and restore the liver.

Join me and my community on a 100 day Schizandra journey. We have a Facebook page to share our experiences and inspriation. It does not matter what day you start, just commit to 100 days and notice how much more energy and vitality you will have!

You can get your daily fix of Schiznadra by steeping 2-3 tablespoons of the dried berries in a quart of hot water, by simmering them into a tea on your stove, by taking a Schizandra tincture in water, or by taking it in capsule form. You can also chew on a couple berries to get their great medicine.

Dried Schizandra berries are available online from DragonHerbs have great Schizandra capsules and Herb Pharm make a tincture as well as other companies. Join the Facebook page for a community of support and inspiration. I hope to see you there and to hear of your experience with this miraculous medicinal berry!

schizandra jar

Written By, AHWD Wellness Expert – Marysia Miernowska