This one is for the ladies!

I honor each of you. The mothers, business women, teachers, grandmothers, sisters, friends, wives, cooks, educators, cleaners, gardeners, nurses, doctors, all of the wise women of this world, who do so much for others.

This is not about diminishing the role of men. This is about celebrating the nature of women, and acknowledging that we have unique gifts and challenges, ways of being and relating, and unique physical cycles. Lets embrace the mystery of the feminine and learn from its medicine. Like the ocean, the tides within our wombs respond to the cycles of the moon. We have cycles of emotions, energy levels, and feelings that mimic other cycles in nature. Within the plant kingdom there are some special plants that are our ancient allies. They are unique in their ability to balance our emotions, nourish us deeply, and meet our feminine needs.

Allow me to introduce you to a group of very special medicinal herbs. Some of them have been revered for thousands of years, dating back to the most ancient texts on medicine. Others, have been passed down from mother to daughter for generations. They all generously offer incredible gifts of healing to women.

As you read about each one, I invite you to imagine the spirit of this plant, with her unique personality. See who you are attracted to, who calls out and wants to work with you. Then, as you start adding her in your life, notice her profound presence, her energy and what she is transforming in you.  And then please do tell us about this wonderful new relationship in your life!

Schizandra – Schizandra is my best friend these days. She has added a spring to my step, radiance to my skin and has helped me balance my reproductive system post baby. I wrote all about her incredible healing benefits last week, so click here to read about this amazing “immortality” tonic.

Rhodiola – Rhodiola is another adaptogenic herb that helps increase our bodies resistance to stress. Modern day stresses can leave us feeling tired, anxious, depressed or frazzled and Rhodiola can really help strengthen our bodies and nervous system. She boosts  energy levels, libido and improves mental and physical performance. She also lifts mental fog, fatigue, and is a wonderful ally for women going through menopause. Rhodiola can also be helpful with infertility, irregular menses, and mild depression. I am introducing her here for her role as an incredible support during times ofdepression. If you need her help with his, you will begin to see a noticeable difference within a week of introducing her into your life.

If your responsibilities at home or at work are leaving you drained, and you are becoming sad as  you feel unable to keep up, consider inviting Rhodiola to help.

Motherwort – Motherwort literally means “herb for the mother” and she has a history of use all over the world – from the medicine women of Europe, to the Asian herbalists who prize her as an herb for longevity. She is a supreme ally to those who are looking to strengthen and gladden the heart, while easing and relaxing the nerves.

As a nervine, she supports the nervous system, bringing calmness during a storm and easing the effects of anxiety in our body.  When feeling overwhelming emotion, drinking tincture in water will bring immediate relief.

She is one of the ancient female allies that have been passed from mother to daughter, as she supports women in all phases of our lives: during our menses, as new mothers and in menopause. An emmenagogue, she will help bring on menses and should not be taken if you are pregnant.

An amazing ally for woman of all ages, she regulates hormones, relieves PMS symptoms, strengthens the heart, and calms the nerves. As a heart tonic, she tonifies the heart muscle, lowers blood pressure, decreases clotting and the level of fat in the blood.

Invite Motherwort into your life, and you will feel mothered, protected, and safe.

Rose  Rose is a symbol of the Goddess within each woman. Open, full and loving, she connects us to our femininity. While you can make an infusion of her fresh or dried petals, I recommend using Rose Hydrosol topically as a spray, and internally mixed with water. With its moisturizing and antibacterial properties, spraying it on your face balances your skin and brings beauty and radiance. I always carry a little mister of it in my purse for a little pick me up.

When you drink Rose water, you immediately feel tension releasing in your brow, tightness relaxing in your face, and an opening in your heart. Rose is supreme heart chakra medicine, and if you are suffering from a broken heart or sorrow, bring in the sweetness and abundant love of Rose and delight in her generous medicine.

Take rose baths, spray rose on your face, or anoint yourself with Rose Essential Oil and you will awaken and align with your divine femininity. Rose is considered to have the highest vibration of all plants, and I find her medicine to be most effective on this vibrational, emotional and spiritual level. Love yourself up and invite Rose into your life!

Nettles – Nettles is another one of my strongest plant allies. When I drink her nourishing infusion, I feel like I am drinking the milk of the Earth Mother. It is so cooling, hydrating, energizing and alive! One of the finest nourishing tonics in the entire plant kingdom, Nettles is rich in minerals, vitamins, and chlorophyll. Steep some dried nettle leaf in cold water and leave it overnight for a delicious brew to enjoy on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. A cold nettle infusion is naturally raw, and therefore also rich in enzymes.

Nettles is also a wonderful ally to pregnant and nursing mothers, as she nourishes the fetus, brain, blood, muscles, tissues and also improves the quality and quantity of breast milk.

Menopausal women will also find nettles to be a great ally, as she is rich in calcium and can strengthen the bones and connective tissues. Not only does she improve energy levels, but she also supports a healthy functioning of all systems of the body, including the kidneys, heart and adrenals.

Finally, she is another beauty herb. If you begin adding Nettles to your daily routine, you will find your hair and nails become stronger and your skin more radiant.

Nettles grows wild and free. She is a vibrant green color in the spring and can sting, which speaks to her feisty and playful personality. Women who have begun to work with her on a regular basis have become more confident, energized, playful, wild and connected to earth wisdom.

Schizandra, Rhodiola, Motherwort, Rose and Nettles are just some of the incredible plants available to support, heal and nurture us. They have so much healing to offer and I hope you will enjoy adding them to your life and experiencing their incredibly healing gifts.  See what herb calls to you and share your experiences with the community!


Written By, AHWD Wellness Expert – Marysia Miernowska