DO you remember those herbal infused oils we made a few weeks back? 


Well they have been sitting in the dark, and now it is time to strain the oil and discard the plant material….. or find a creative second use for it!

AsI was straining the thyme oil, I found the thin branches to be almost crispy, yet also lubricating from all of the oil they soaked up. So I tied them in a bundle and made a scrub! I added a few drops of Thyme Essential Oil and took it in the shower with me.

As I scrubbed my body, I felt circulation increasing and my skin awakening.

I remembered a practice I used to do, of Dry Brushing, and all of the incredible healing benefits this simple ritual provides.

Here are some of the many benefits of dry brushing your skin:

  1. •Banishes cellulite
  2. •buffs away dead skin
  3. •boosts circulation
  4. •tightens skin
  5. •helps drain the lymph nodes, which allows your body to detoxify
  6. •promotes cell renewal

Here is how to do it:

Starting at your feet, make long sweeps always towards your heart. Go up the front and back of your legs. Then go to the arms, moving towards your heart. Brush your stomach in a counterclockwise motion.

I am so grateful my thyme bundle reminded me how much I used to love dry brushing. Now, in the new year, I welcome this simple ritual back into my life. I am yet to find any other practice that is more effective and less expensive!



Written By, AHWD Wellness Expert Marysia Miernowska.