Michelle Harvey works with some of the hottest men in Hollywood!

She recently styled Muscle Fitness Expert  Diego Sebastian.  It begs the questions?  How big are your muscles guys?  Is your body ripped?  Is your mind the leader of your look?

Here’s a little taste of what Michelle shoot day with At Home With Didiayer.

We love health fit men here at AHWD and we would love to see your style. Be sure to post your pictures!  Us ladies would love to see them!

I had a fun day yesterday! AHWD (At Home With Didiayer) was shooting footage of me on set. I was working on one of my long time clients Diego Sebastian; cutting his hair and grooming him for the Muscle Magazine shoot. Diego is one of the world’s leading fitness experts and model. He’s graced dozens of magazine covers and has been featured in countless television commercials, shows and feature films. He’s now a regular cast member on the Disney show Mighty Med. Diego plays as a super hero, of course!




 Written By AWHD, and AWHD Men’s Groomer & Stylist – Michelle Harvey
Images courtesy of various fitness magazines (see covers)