Spring is here! We are leaving behind the slower, nourishing and meditative energies of the winter, and stepping into the lightness and brightness of spring! Traditionally, people did slow down in the cold months to preserve energy. When the days became longer, the birds started singing, we would emerge and gather spring weeds like dandelion leaf, that would stimulate our digestion and help us gently detoxify and cleanse.

But our modern times are so different, and often are very disconnected from the energies of the seasons that our bodies naturally want to abide by. So we still have to push on through the winter – it is no excuse to be less productive or to put out less energy. By the time spring comes around, many of us are drained and depleted. We reach for comfort foods and quick energy fixes like sugar and coffee and thus, come spring, we may have some extra pounds to lose.

So how do we step into our lightest and brightest selves so we can be active, vibrant and energetic in the spring? There are many ways. Focusing on adding nourishing foods, like fresh greens and fruit is one great way. Adding cleansing herbal teas like Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, or Schizandra, is another great way to assist the body in gently cleansing. Gentle, nourishing, rebuilding methods in addition to joyful movement like yoga or walks outside are best. But drastic needs do call for drastic measures. And this spring, I have found myself in need of a more thorough, deep cleanse and detox.

After much research, I have found a highly esteemed cleansing program that I will follow for 28 days and document for you. And I have assembled a team of cleansers who will also share their process so our readers can have all our experiences to draw on. We all have very different experience with cleansing, we have different objectives, and expect different challenges. And we are all committed to listening to our bodies and sharing our experience with you!

Let me introduce our ADHD Detox Team!



Marysia is an herbalist, mother, gardener, teacher and the Wellness Expert for At Home With Didiayer. She is passionate about connecting people with natural healing modalities, and fostering nourishment and delight in a sustainable lifestyle accessible to all. Marysia formulates and makes herbal medicine and teas, gives consultations, teaches workshops, designs and tends to medicinal gardens, and shares her experience and enthusiasm with AHWD fans. Her herbal medicine will soon be available at www.florasagrada.com

1) Why am I going on a cleanse?  I am in desperate need of a good reset. Having just finished nursing my 2 year old daughter, my body has been creating and feeding another human being for three years. I enjoyed nourishing my body throughout this period and it was not a time to cleanse or detox. While I was very healthy, the last two months have been incredibly challenging for me personally, and I have found myself depleted emotionally and physically. As I desperately needed more energy to keep up with life and my toddler, I found myself reaching for coffee and sugar — things I know do not work for me in the long term. I am shocked how quickly my body developed an addiction to caffeine and sugar. Only after 2 months, I find myself struggling with energy levels, depletion, and crashes that come from abusing these substances. I need a clean break and total release of these substances that do not serve or nourish me, but rather deplete me. I am going on this cleanse to rid myself of these habits, clean out my body, and gift it its natural vitality and energy. This is a thank you gift for all of the hard work it has done creating and sustaining life. Now it is my turn to give it love and do what it takes for it to run at its highest potential!

2) What I hope to get out of this experience  Stable, vibrant energy! I hope to be able to keep up with my daughter, and be the best mom, partner, business woman, friend, teacher and person that I can be. I hope my experience will help others too, and that I learn a lot. I also look forward to being able to make the healthy choices I enjoy making for myself, without cravings or caffeine withdrawal getting in my way. Finally, I cant wait to say goodbye to the soft sugar belly that has grown in the last two months!

3) What I think will be my greatest challenges  I know it will be very challenging for me to surrender to the low energy I assume I will be feeling as my body responds to the lack of caffeine and sugar. I really dislike not having energy, yet learning to be slow and resting is one of the gifts of a cleanse. It will be hard to give up chocolate and to not add any sea salt to my food. But I know it will all be worth it, so I am ready to face my challenges!




Guzel is a Reiki and breathwork practitioner, intentional circle leader and event organizer. Guzel is passionate about community (she started a communal house in Santa Monica) and sustainable living. Guzel is the co-founder of Cross Pollinate, a women’s networking event and the Wise Women Series, in which women offer workshops to the community. Guzel has an incredible skill of creating beautiful environments and bringing people together. She is also passionate about growing food and having access to healthy food. Her website is www.spiralcirlce.org.

1) Why am I going on a cleanse?  I have done the 28 day cleanse we are embarking on for the last 2 years. This will be my 3rd year doing it and I’m excited. I know the results are going to be amazing. I’m feeling very sluggish, tired, heavy and emotionally I have been through a lot lately. My intention is to come out of this cleanse lighter in body and emotions. Additionally, my spiritual practice has deepened so I’d like to see how this cleanse may affect where I’m at right now, in comparison to the previous 2 years. I also have developed an allergy to pollen that I’ve never had and would like to see how this cleanse will help with that. In addition to losing extra emotional baggage, I’d like to lose the extra weight I feel is making me sluggish.

2) What I hope to get out of this experience  My hope is to feel vibrant, emotionally light and deepen my connection to spirit. I’d like to heal my gut, my emotions, my pollen allergy and lose some weight. I’m open to any other welcome treats that will manifest in this process.

3) What I think will be my greatest challenges  In the last 2 years, my biggest challenge was not having salt and by the 3rd week felt it was hard to get the psyllium husk and bentonite clay shakes down. Particularly, in the 4th week as there is no food. Last year, I had to have a little food in that week just to make the shakes more palatable. I’m also a little concerned about the extra time and effort in timing shakes/herbs and meals will take. Lastly, I’m concerned about how the first week will my affect my energy levels/mood. However, I have already begun eliminating things from my diet, such as coffee, alcohol, most grains, wheat, and excess sugar. I am hoping this will ease me into the first week!



Tomas is an explorer, photographer and film maker. He is also the co-founder of Office Kuki, a creative studio that specializes in trend research, format development and content creation with a focus on holistic well-being. He has spent the last year working on a documentary called Blood Berries or Butter, about food and consciousness.Tomas is interested in the expansion of our experience of being alive and how living happier daily is a matter of balance, rhythm and harmony while we focus on love, joy and playfulness. He grew up in a family that loves to cook and has always been interested in food and how it makes you feel, in sharing a meal and a good conversation. Tomas is interested in all things delicious. Especially thoughts. You can find him at www.Tomas-Reyes.com & www.B3mavericks.com

1) Why am I going on a cleanse?  I love all things delicious and I love to cook. I am by nature very curious and healthy so I’ve never tried a cleanse apart from 2 years ago, when I tried 5 days of juicing to which I started adding salmon on day 4. Every morning I drink the highest quality coffee (single origin, wash processed, from mycotoxin-free beans), and I’ve noticed that even though I can mentally or emotionally do without coffee, I get a headache if I don’t drink coffee for one day. Interesting, isn’t it?

2) What I hope to get out of this experience  I am looking forward to observing my consciousness, energy levels and sleep throughout the cleanse. I will be doing the 14 day cleanse.

3) What I think will be my greatest challenges  I’m inclined to say dreading a headache (which I rarely get) but when I did a juice cleanse in the past, headache was gone by day 2. I’d rather say I’m looking forward to the possibilities and discoveries ahead.


We start the cleanse on Wednesday, April 9th. Guzel and Marysia are doing a 28 day cleanse, and Tomas is doing a 14 day version of the same cleanse.

Next week, I will tell you all about the specific cleanse we have chosen and what it is designed to do. I will lay out or detox protocol and if you feel inspired you can join us right away or wait to see our results and testimonials.

From then on, the next 4 weeks you will be receiving updates from the three of us on how the cleanse is going. We will share our challenges, breakthroughs, and all of the details of our experience! Week 5 will be dedicated to a reflection on the cleansing process and a look into how we have transitioned out of the cleanse. All three cleansers will also be available to answer YOUR questions!

So here we go!  We are looking forward to clearing out the old and bringing in the new, vital energy of spring and to bringing you along for the ride! As always, we invite you to post any questions or comments on the blog and to share it with your friends!

Written by, AHWD Wellness Expert – Marysia Miernowska

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