The cleanse has started and all three of us are loving the experience so far – from the deliciously decadent organic salads to the challenges which are teaching us so much about ourselves, our bodies and our relationship to food.

We are doing the Arise and Shine Cleanse, developed over 20 years ago by Dr. Anderson. He explains:

“Cleansing is a system of deeply effective colon, small intestine and stomach cleaning that kick starts the bodies own natural detoxification abilities. Our cleansing system is not just a colon cleanse; our cleanse programs detoxify and cleanse the entire gastrointestinal tract, from the tip of the tongue to where the light shines again. And that’s just getting started; you’ll be cleansing your lymphatic system, liver and all the way into the cells. This is the most complete internal detox and cleansing system ever devised.”

So far, we have all felt like we are feasting, not fasting! The cleanse starts you on a mild phase, where you can eat all the organic fruits, vegetables and healthy plant based oils you could ever want, and it even allows honey and dried fruit. A few times a week we can enjoy some soaked nuts, cooked quinoa, millet or potato.

This allows for a gentle, nourishing transition into the cleanse. It also prevents our bodies from going into a severe detox mode, which can be quite uncomfortable with symptoms like headaches, gas, extreme fatigue, etc.

While we nourish ourselves with a healthy, mostly raw vegan diet, we also take special shakes containing Psyllium Husks, Bentonite Clay and water along with herbal supplements that keep our digestion moving and our cells nourished. Together, these supplements and shakes break down accumulated mucoid plaque and toxic waste from the alimentary canal, liver, organ and cells. They also strengthen and rejuvenate the whole system and help produce the natural environment that health producing, friendly bacteria need in order to thrive.

Here is what Guzel and my 28 day and Tomas’ 14 day programs look like:

cleanse schedule

arise cleanse

According to Arise and Shine, those who have cleansed before us have experienced the following benefits:

  • Significant increase in energy
  • Vitality and greater stamina
  • Reduction of food cravings
  • Reduction of allergy symptoms
  • More efficient digestion
  • Radiant complexion

All of those sound great to me!

Next week, we will give you our Week 1 update and each cleanser with share his and her experience, challenges and breakthroughs.

Here are some images of the delicious food we have been enjoying.

salad red

Red quinoa in a big salad of lettuce, avocados, cucumbers, green peppers, coated in olive oil, apple cider vinegar and with the yummy sour sumac sprinkled on top. Photo by Tomas Reyes Photography


Raw crackers. I took the leftover pulp from juicing, blended up equal amounts of flax seeds, added fresh squeezed orange juice, some spices, water. Threw it all in the blender (otherwise the juice pulp is stringy), and dehydrated it to preserve all of the enzymes and nutrients. Photo by Tomas Reyes Photography

hand full of strawberries

A handful of fresh, organic, super juicy and sweetly ripe strawberries from the farmers market. The taste of summer coming! Photo by Tomas Reyes Photography

Written by, AHWD Wellness Expert – Marysia Miernowska