The first week of cleansing is complete and the detox team is now a couple of days into the second week, which eliminates a meal and adds more of the Psyllium Husk & Bentonite Clay shakes.

Each cleanser has shared their week 1 update below, so you can get an idea of what you would experience the first week of the Arise and Shine cleanse. We have shared our challenges, what we have learned, what we have enjoyed and what has caught us by surprise.

As we started Week 2, we called the Arise and Shine Cleansing hotline and learned that while we are eliminating a little bit of solid food each week, we should continue drinking 30 ounces of green juice or mineral broth a day. What a huge relief! Having green juice in the morning is a huge game changer as it starts us off nourished, energized and ready to tackle the day! This just keeps getting better and better!

We have also included some beautiful photos by the talented photographer Tomas Reyes of some of the delicious food we have been nourishing ourselves with. I hope they inspire you to ditch the over cooked bland food, and add some vibrant, energized plant food into your diet!

MARYSIA                                                                                                                                                                                                                 This week was all about surrendering to the feeling of fatigue. I am doing this cleanse to release my addiction to caffeine and sugar. What I am learning is it is very difficult for me to accept having low energy levels. I hate it! I am realizing that it is deeper than needing energy to be productive. I feel good about myself when I am able to do a lot, be there for everyone, and do it with a smile and a skip to my step. Going to the library with my daughter when I felt like a sugar deprived zombie felt horrible and I caught myself feeling like a bad mom! This is more than a need to fuel all of my activities and responsibilities with quick energy. This goes back to an old message I received when I was young, that taking a nap meant I was being lazy, and being lazy is the worst thing in the world. Naturally, I know this is not true, but I am also aware of how difficult it is for me to nap or feel tired.

So this week I am allowing myself to experience fatigue. Sometimes, I reach for fresh or dried fruit to get some sweet energy when I need to push through and keep working. Luckily, they are allowed on this cleanse, although I am giving myself the goal of eliminating dried fruit for Week 2.

A pleasant surprise has been that by eliminating salt, food has so much more flavor! What a huge difference it makes, and one that is noticeable right away. I still am craving salt and sweet, but am hoping that my cravings will lessen and my energy will continue to brighten in Week 2.

All in all, I really enjoyed this first week of the cleanse. I never felt deprived — on the contrary, I felt like I was feasting on nourishing, delicious food. My digestion has felt much better and I am not experiencing the sugar deprivation that I was feeling at the start of this week. Looking forward to the next phase of this incredible journey as it has already given me so much!


Week one was a breeze.  I only had a headache twice and it went away very quickly. I didn’t expect this week to be as easy as it was. My biggest challenge is drinking the shakes….I really have to get them down quickly because when it thickens it makes me slightly nauseous.  And when I cook food I really miss the salt. I’ve been sticking to salads and loving the taste of the delicious organic produce that’s available to me in Southern California. I can really taste and appreciate all the flavors much more right now. I haven’t had any cravings or any hunger in fact. I have eaten very little food this week which feels good as it will help me ease into the following week where we only eat lunch and dinner. I love how light I’m feeling and I’ve been sleeping better than I have in a long time. Additionally, my digestion feels great!!

For week two, I’m feeling challenged at drinking one more shake a day and I know it will progress to more so I’ve got to find a way to be zen about it. Otherwise, I don’t feel missing breakfast will be a big deal for me.

I loved the first week of the cleanse. Apart from the 1st day headache I got from not having any caffeine, 2nd day onwards was a breeze. I was actually very thankful to discover the possibilities and creativity that the limitations of the diet sparked.

I naturally and regularly eat grass-fed meats and poultry and love it, but I haven’t really missed meat at all. I haven’t missed salt at all either. Actually, I feel I can taste and distinguish the fresh vegetables in a salad a lot more.

By getting creative I actually ate delicious meals. I’ve made Tom Kha with Shiitake mushrooms and coconut milk at night, sometimes quinoa-guacamole nori wraps, roasted veggies, vibrant salads with apple cider vinegar, olive oil and squeezed lemon juice at lunch and ate loads of avocados. Can’t complain!

The shake and herbs are easy to take and digestion is working great, so props to Arise & Shine for the clay, husk and herbs.

Week 2 started two days ago and I will admit that I was dreading it. Removing dinner the first day, I felt very low in energy on the morning of day 2. Good thing I called Arise & Shine support and they stressed the importance of having green juice and veggie mineral broth throughout the day. That just made my day and I’m looking forward to seeing how I feel in 5-6 days when I finish my 14-day cleanse.

Written by, AHWD Wellness Expert – Marysia Miernowska

Mineral broth. A nourishing soup with cabbage, sweet potato, green onion, carrots, bock choy, kelp and fresh cilantro.



Thinly sliced brussel sprouts, massaged in olive oil, baked to a crisp.


Raw sandwiches. Raw bread made of juice pulp, flax seeds & spices, then dehydrated. Sunflower pate made of sprouted sunflower seeds, dill, onion, cucumber, and spices. With cayenne sprinkled on top.


Peppers stuffed with sprouted sunflower seed pate.


Nori roll with quinoa, guacamole and sprouted sunflower seed pate.