Week 3 has been challenging and also has given us a lot of opportunity to tune into our bodies and to listen. Both of us were strongly called to eat more building food that was off the cleanse list. We both have been able to fine tune our ear and decipher these messages from our body and where they come from. Is is a craving that is talking? Is it an emotional need that wants satisfaction? Is it hunger? Is it a physical need? Is it nutritional?

When cleansing, especially in such a public way, other factors come into play. We are experimenting on ourselves, and a flawless experiment follows strict guidelines. That being said, we are wise woman with a deep inner knowing, and I am proud that we have both focused on the most important thing: This is our process, our bodies, and our wisdom. We must listen to our bodies, not the rules.

So we broke some rules this week. What follows is our update. Week 4 asks us to eat no food, but juice exclusively and continue with the shakes and vitamins. We are both grateful for this journey so far, we see the amazing benefits we have experienced and we are looking forward to the end!

MARYSIA – I hit a wall in week 3. My body started asking for food, very loudly. The shakes are filling and that has helped with feelings of hunger, but I can sense my body wanting fats. I have eaten a fair amount of raw almond butter almost daily on this cleanse, even though that slows down the detox process and we really should only be having sprouted almonds 3 x a week. I also ate spoonfuls of coconut butter. I have felt my body needing healthy fats and have been giving it that.

Nonetheless, during week 3 I started wanting to eat eggs and other nourishing, building foods. I could tell that if I did not give my body some of this type of food, I would be devouring it post cleanse. I also had lost a lot of weight and did not want to loose much more. Since I have been planning on finishing the cleanse strong with a last week of exclusively juicing, I thought I should add more foods off the cleanse list for the last 4 days of week 3 so I do not lose too much weight. On day 3 of the third week, I had dropped to 110 lb and so I took the rest of the week off from all food limitations. I continued with the herbs and shakes but also enjoyed some eggs, cheese, gluten free bread – even chocolate!

By the end of week 3 I was up to 116 lbs, which felt like a better platform from which to try the last week. We will see how it goes. I do feel like I have more control over my sugar cravings and during my 4 days off the cleanse, I ate mindfully, enjoying delicious, healthy, rich food without overeating and without any guilt. I no longer feel I need caffeine or a lot of sugar for more energy, but have realized that nothing replaces sleep and rest. I also have become quite fond of a couple of spoons of almond butter and dried fruit when I am craving something fatty and sweet for dessert.

GUZEL – Week 3 was really challenging for me. I missed several shakes because I have a hard time getting them down. I ate (VERY small amount) of brown rice and lentils one day,  thinking it would ground me as I was feeling ungrounded. I think it’s the herb’s that leave a bad taste in my mouth and I definitely don’t have much of an appetite, which I know is the objective. I think it’s been my emotional attachment to food that I struggled with the most this week. Mornings have been the easiest for me, I drink a shake everyday at 6:30am and have actually enjoyed starting the day in that way, and I sometimes drank the second shake at 9:30am, some day’s not…depending on whether I felt I could stomach it. For lunch, I would make a huge salad, and often found that I couldn’t finish it because my stomach has shrunk (I’m happy about that)!

I have decided to only drink green juice for this last week, feeling the need for the nutrient support. I know it may be more emotional than anything, and I feel ok with honoring what I feel I need right now. When I’ve had moments of doubting my ability to be exact with this cleanse, I’ve been reminded that my commitment has never faltered and I feel very proud of my achievements thus far. I feel great! My energy levels have been balanced, I’m sleeping great, my spirits have lifted and nothing has made me reactive in a negative way. Overall, I’m very happy with the experience and look forward to what this final week will bring.


Written By, AHWD Wellness Expert – Marysia Miernowska

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