Our status quo beauty routines are unquestioned, and if I told you to ditch your deodorant, you may say I’ve lost my mind.

Yet if it is radiant beauty and an arousing smell you are after, the truth is your makeup and perfume may be leading you down a different road – a dangerous, toxic one.

I am assuming that 99% of those reading this article use soap, toothpaste, chap stick, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner. And those are probably the “minimalistas”. Many women use shaving cream, foundation, lipstick, mascara, blush, perfume, and maybe other hair products in addition to that.

The use of these products sounds normal, and certainly not extreme, yet studies show that an average women’s daily grooming and makeup routine means she is accumulating 515 different synthetic chemicals in her body every single day. And that is extreme.

Simply the ingredient listed as “fragrance” on your perfume or soap can actually be a cocktail of up to 1,000 different chemicals.

A lot of the ingredients on the products we slather all over our skin are by-products of the petroleum industry. Many of these substances are also used in industrial manufacturing processes to clean industrial equipment, stabilize pesticides and grease gears. So yes. Chances are your face scrub is not that much different from your sink cleaner.

And our skin is made to absorb nutrients like a sponge- and to expel what needs to detoxify from our system as well. When we block the porous barrier of our skin with petroleum products, it is as if we are wrapping saran wrap over our bodies, not allowing our skin to breathe, trapping harmful chemicals inside our systems. When we wash our skin with soap after sun exposure, we are actually washing away a lot of the Vitamin D before it has had a chance to absorb.

So the foundation you may use to hide your acne may be causing more acne. And the chapstick you may apply 10 times a day may be causing your lips to be so dry. Even the wires in your bra may be causing more damage to your lymph, than giving beauty to your boobs.

Our cosmetics are cancerous, sisters. This is the plain and simply truth. Phalates, found in many products, are endocrine disrupting chemicals. This means that they mess with our hormones. Aluminum, another common ingredient in deodorant, accumulates in body tissue over time, so it can build up to toxic levels and stay there for years. 90% of cancerous breast tissue has residues from cosmetics in it. If applied twice a day, lipstick can provide more than 20% of a person’s acceptable daily intake for aluminum, cadmium and manganese. The same study done by the University of California, Berkeley, found that lipstick can contain as many as nine different metals, some exceeding the acceptable daily intake for chromium, a metal linked to stomach tumors.

So what is the alternative? Smelly ugliness? Certainly not! Here are a few simple principles that can guide to radiant health and beauty.

  1. Inner beauty literally leads to outer beauty.

It is a cliché, but it is true, and on so many levels. When you eat clean food, your skin looks better. If you are eating processed junk or white sugar, chances are your body is working hard to eliminate the toxins, making your BO strong and your skin break out.

The rosy pink cheeks us ladies like to paint on come naturally from being outside, moving, playing in the sun, and allowing fellas to make us blush. Increase your circulation and joy, and the blood pumping in your body will blush your face.

If a little extra blush gives you great joy, stay tuned in a few weeks for a simple natural blush recipe that gives you radiant cheeks and moisturizes too!

  1. We are stinky, sexy mammals.

Ditch the deodorant and use essential oils in your pits. Essential oils are the pure, condensed medicine of plants- not only do they contain volatile oils that give plants such as rose or sandalwood their smell, they also contain medicinal properties. Most of them are antibacterial and anti fungal, and they mix with your natural smell, creating a sexy, unique fragrance.

Another reason not to be so quick to cover up your natural aroma is that it contains powerful pheromones, which are substances the fertile body excretes, conveying primal information to the opposite sex. Which essentially gives our armpits an aphrodisiac quality. One study found that male sweat actually makes women feel more relaxed and enjoy a better mood. No wonder ladies like to lounge in their boyfriend’s T-shirt. In another experiment, researchers gave women T-shirts that men had worn 3 days in a row. Women were asked to guess who they would find attractive based on the smell. Women who were not on chemical birth control were able to find men who were compatible with them.

So invite your own sexy aroma to mix with an essential oil that can compliment it and cover up stickiness naturally. Sandalwood and Myrr are beautiful deep aromas that work wonderfully for men and women. Rose, Jasmine, Geranium are some of the more floral essential oils that have a more “feminine” quality. Mix about 25 drops of either one or many essential oils in a 2 ounce spritzer bottle of water for a spray, or blend 50% essential oil with 50% carrier oil (such as almond oil, sesame, grapeseed or jojoba) and massage under your arms after you shower.

Take back your power ladies!

Yes, you are a self honoring activist when you say “No more!” to cancerous chemicals. The beauty industry has a mission of making women feel that they are not enough, that red lipstick or thick mascara will make them sexy and attractive to men. The result is the beauty industry making money on our insecurities. An average women will spend $15,000 on makeup in her lifetime.

The alternative is channeling our inner alchemist Goddess, connecting to the abundant gifts of nature, and playing in our kitchen with our girlfriends, making deliciously divine beauty products for ourselves and those we love. Hand crafted cosmetics engage the senses, empower women and awaken he to her beauty and power! Rubbing ourselves with oils we blend, perfumes we create, nourishing herbs that revitalize our skin and hair is fun, pleasureful and makes us feel alive and connected to ourselves and to nature.

In the next few weeks, I will share some of my favorite beauty recipes with you. Stay tuned, connected and let us know what your self-care routine is. How do you celebrate your inner Goddess? What are your favorite natural beauty tips?

Written By, AHWD Wellness Expert – Marysia Miernowska