I’ve quizzed several thousands of women on what their periods are like and what body signs they’re feeling.

Across the board women report feeling low energy and fatigue.

Which made we wonder why the heck women are so tired all the time.

After much reflection I think I might have a hint.

Women are on a natural monthly cycle. Like any cycle, there is a point where the cycle peaks and a point where the cycle rests.

During the annual cycle, for example, the year starts off in winter with the coldest weather. It gradually gets warmer and warmer until the year gets to it’s hottest point–summertime. After that the weather starts to cool off gradually until we get back to the coldest time in the year. And so it continues over and over again in a natural cycle.

The menstrual cycle is similar.  A woman’s cycle starts on their period. When it comes to energy, this is the lowest point in the cycle. Women gradually get more and more energy until the most energetic point–ovulation. After that the energy gradually declines until the lowest energetic point–the period. The whole cycle takes 28-30 days.

The key to a cycle is knowing that you can’t be at the peaking point all the time. There has to be a resting point as well. Without the rest, there is no peak. Boom! There it is! That’s why so many women are fatigued–because so many of us fail to rest during our periods.

In fifth grade, all of the girls in my class were taken aside and told that we might get our periods soon and that it wasn’t an excuse for us to stop doing everything that we normally do. In particular, we could not sit out during P.E.

I remember taking that to heart. I never wanted to be perceived as a weakling so I played sports all through my periods my whole life. I did everything I could to ignore that I even had it. My energy was pretty good and I didn’t have any cramps or anything so it was never a problem.

Later on in life I learned about resting during my cycle. I tried it out and noticed that my energy level got naturally higher month after month. Not only that, I stopped getting sick. My immunity seemed impenetrable. I notice that on months when I do not rest properly during my period, I never quite get to the high energy point. On months where I rest better, my energy soars through the roof.

This leads me to believe that resting during the period is kind of like recharging a battery.

Every woman needs a break at least once a month to take care of herself and rejuvenate. Nature provides women with a natural retreat during the monthly period. Recharging once a month during the period through rest, reflection, self-care and nutrition results in a higher level of energy, health, immunity, youthful appearance, emotional balance, mental clarity and fertility throughout the rest of the month.


  1. Fatigue
  2. Lowered Immunity
  3. Lowered Energy
  4. Emotional ups and downs
  5. Altered Digestion


  1. Rapid movements
  2. Strenuous exercise
  3. Night outings
  4. Household cleaning
  5. Entertaining guests
  6. Stress
  7. Social activities
  8. News
  9. Difficult conversations
  10. Sex!!!


Make resting plans known to husband, partner and other members of the household before your period starts so they can plan accordingly.

Clean house, shop for groceries and prepare meals before period. A menstruating woman should have a quiet, peaceful environment so she can relax all day long without interruption. As much as possible, at least! If you have to work, do the bare minimum and then go straight home to rest.

Rest as much as you like. Or, as much as you can get in.  Steal naps throughout the day. Go to bed by 10pm. (Between 11pm to 3am the liver works to clean and generate blood. If you are awake at this time, it is more difficult for the liver to perform these functions).

Spend time alone. Journal. Surround yourself with flowers and beautiful things. Spend time in nature by visiting a garden, park or ocean. Perform stretching activities, breathing exercises or light walking if desired.  This is the time to regenerate and rejuvenate.

Continue this for three periods in a row and your energy will return to youth.

(Photo of Keli waking up. Her husband loves taking these photos of her. She hates it.)

Written by: Keli Garza

Owner of Chick Food Inc.

Blog Writer for AHWD