Often my blogs are about things that I keep in my house that I have found so useful I think everyone should keep them in stock. This blog is no exception.

I love making homemade pizza. I have made pizzas entirely from scratch but more often than not when I want to make pizza, time is limited. I have one shortcut I think you will love that will set you on the path of making pizza at home all the time -store-bought pizza crust.

When looking for store-bought pizza crusts there are no end of choices. Fresh or frozen dough, expanding tubes of dough, prepared crusts and flat breads in the bakery section of your supermarket are all waiting for you to dress with your creations.

When I want to make a pizza there are a few key things I look for in my house…A sauce, a ┬ávegetable, a protein and a cheese. I try and┬áthink beyond typical pizza toppings and go back to basics and think about the key elements and create from there. For example, the pizza I just made was not your standard pepperoni variety. I didn’t have tomato sauce so I used Alfredo. I foraged for mushrooms, red peppers and onions in the kitchen. As for protein I had a lamb shoulder chop in the fridge that I pan-fried and diced for the pizza. It just goes to show that you don’t need to have┬átraditional toppings to create the most amazing pizza!

Any combination of ingredients will work as long as you have the right base. Let your imagination run wild!



Written by: Dan Saunders