When I’m grooming an actor, model, or even a rock star for a shoot; I have somewhat of a routine that I use. Although every man is different, I start most of my clients in the very same way. I start by cleaning their skin using Dermalogica Precleanse Wipes. These biodegradable wipes cleanse the skin of excess oil, sunscreen, and any other products or pollutants.

I suggest you use them to GENTLY wipe your face. You never need THAT MUCH PRESSURE when applying or removing anything from your face. Steer clear of your eyes. Getting any kind of product in your eyes sucks to say the least!


Dermalogica wipes

My next step is going over the face with a gentler toner, to further cleanse the skin. What is the purpose of toner you may ask? Well…different toners do different things. I like using Mario Badescu Aloe Vera Toner. This mild aloe toner, for sensitive skin, helps to further cleanse the skin while having a soothing effect on it as well. I suggest using toners that are alcohol free. If it has no alcohol, it should not have a drying effect on your skin.


Mario Aloe Toner

As I mentioned earlier, different toners do different things for your skin. Some help to exfoliate the skin using a bit of Glycolic Acid, others help to reduce build up of bacteria on the skin. A disinfecting astringent toner helps to remove pore clogging residue which helps to minimize future breakouts. A toner with witch hazel in it has an anti-inflammatory, soothing effect on the skin.

Whichever toner you choose to use on your skin; I suggest using it twice daily after cleansing your face. I use a cosmetic cotton square or even the Dermalogica wipe previously used. I simply saturate the wipe or cotton with the chosen toner. You would then gently wipe down the sides of the nose, across the the cheeks in an outward stroke. Then gently wipe your entire forehead. Finish by wiping the chin and your entire neck.

My next step is to moisturize the face. I love using Dermalogica Active Moist on my men! This moisturizer is perfect for most men. Why is it perfect for men? It is oil-free, sheer, lightweight, and non-greasy. This moisturizer also has NO artificial fragrance or color added. Most men I know do not like heavy, greasy cream on their face.


Dermalogica Active Moist

To apply this lightweight moisturizer, I first put a small dab on the back of my hand. A small dab, to me, is about half the size of a dime. The reason for this you ask? It is unhygienic to touch your finger to the opening where the cream comes out. To keep this area and the entire bottle of lotion clean; you must always pour the lotion out, not swipe it off with your finger. I then use only the fingertips to lightly and evenly distribute the moisturizer all over the face and neck.

Now that I’ve got my client’s skin cleansed, toned, and properly moisturized my next step is to apply an amazing product from Kyrolan called Perfect Matt.

This super soft gel instantly and completely smooths out irregularities on the surface of the skin. My application of this product is the first step in my routine that goes into my ‘professional’ grooming routine. I use this product, professionally, on my clients as a matting agent before the application of any makeup.  It greatly helps me to achieve a completely natural look for my men for any film, photography or live event. I’m choosing to share this step/product with you guys because I think in some circumstances ‘normal’ guys may want to use this product. Why would ‘normal’ guys be interested in this product? Kryolan Perfect Matt is for you if you’re just a little bit vain, you’re going somewhere you know your picture will most likely be taken, and you insist on looking your best, NATURALLY!  When you are going to an event…a birthday party, guys night out, a wedding, your office holiday party, etc…these are the occasions you would use this product! When you apply Kryolan Perfect Matt before you go out, it will give your skin a natural matte look without using any makeup or powder. So all night, not only will your skin look amazing in all the photos, but everyone (all the females) will be commenting on how great your skin looks! The best part…this product is COMPLETELY UNDETECTABLE!

The application of Kyrolan Perfect Matt is is almost exactly the same as applying moisturizer. Except you really don’t need to apply it to your neck. Make sure to focus your application of the product to the areas on your face which tend to be the oiliest. You only need a very small amount, again, only about half the size if a dime.

In my opinion, incorporating these products into your routine, will keep your face looking it’s handsome BEST! I love these products, and I hope you will too!

Written by, Michelle Harvey – Male Groomer and Stylist.