I’m so excited to introduce Barbra Jo Batterman to you all.  I met Barbra on the set of an in-room video I hosted for Aria Resort & Casino about 5 years ago.  She has worked with some major faces from President Bill Clinton and Obama, Joan Rivers, Paul McCartney, to a long list of actors and models for major magazines and TV channels such as HGTV, E! Entertainment, and NBC just to name a few. No matter the client Barbra Jo knows how to bring out the best in everyone.  She is not only one of the best make-up artist I’ve ever had work on my face, but she is a woman of wisdom, laughter, and love – and now I’m honored to share her insights on beauty, make-up, and aging gracefully with you all.

Didi and Barbra

Didiayer Snyder on set with Barbra Jo Batterman for Aria Resort & Casino.

Here is a little insight to this power house make-up artist – and some tips for all of us looking to look great over 40!

“I don’t know about you, but I love the wisdom and confidence that us “over 40” women have, and despite the hormones, for many of us who keep up with the exercise, our skin has never looked better.

So why is it that some women look radiant and others a bit tired?  Well, for the most part, it’s an overdone makeup palate that we forgot to change as we’ve aged.  I’m here to tell you, less is more, and with just a few modifications, your face can again highlight the inner beauty that’s ready to be reborn.

Here are some tips and helpful hints to show off your face this spring:

  • Eyes:  Stay away from highly frosted, iridescent and shimmery shadows.  They tend to showcase the fine lines around the eyes.  But, don’t be afraid to play with soft color shadows.  Try softening up the eyes by staying away from a heavy liner underneath your bottom lashes; try using a color liner inside the bottom rim of your eye.
  • Lips:  Stay away from a harsh lip liner and darker lipsticks.  You still need some color there, but lighten it up a bit with softer pinks, mauves and browns.
  • Brows:  While you want your brows to frame your eyes, soften them up a bit so they’re not as severe looking.
  • Face:  While we all need a bit more color now, don’t change the color of your foundation, but do look for formulations that are less matte and drying.  A little glow is more flattering than flat matte skin.
  • Blush:  To add some face color, you might need to wear a bit more blush than you used to.  Also, as our skin is getting drier, try out some of the new cream blushes or a stick bronzer.

And, PLEASE don’t forget the most important ingredient to keep you looking your best — sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!”

Written by AHWD contributing make-up artist – Barbra Jo Batterman.  Welcome to the team!

Barbra will be adding to her list of insights on our website.  Check back soon for more great articles and tips.


The talented Barbra Jo Batterman

Barbra and President Obama

Barbra Jo Batterman with President Obama


Barbra Jo Batterman with Paul McCartney

Magic Johnson

Barbra Jo Batterman with Magic Johnson