Many of you are aware that two years ago I founded a small company called Pride and Groom Confidential. The services I provide through Pride and Groom stems from my makeup work that I perform on male athletes chefs, actors, singers and corporate executives.

 Face it, most men just don’t spend the time or the money on their grooming habits like us girls do. But, they should.

 Pride and Groom is dedicated solely to help men take their image to a higher level through professional facial grooming and image consultation. Nose hair, ear hair and unkept brows are just a few of the items I can take care of for you or your man.


 One tip I would like to share with you this month is how to shape up those unruly brows in between our appointments. Use a clear or tinted brow gel to keep those brows in place. It’s easy to use; just take the wand out of the tube and brush them like you would brush your hair.

Written by AHWD contributor Barbra Jo Batterman.