I am very fortunate that most of the people in my life love food (and talking about it) as much as I do. Whether we talk about recipes, new kitchen gadgets, foods that we want to try or restaurants we love, food is always a front burner topic in most of my
Having said that, the topic of food comes up in so many other ways, such as a recipe book swap, sharing newspaper recipe clippings, emailing recipe links or tagging friends in social media posts, that one doesn’t need to be face to face with someone to share information.
Although I love talking about food, I used to find it challenging talking to someone who had a different diet than me or didn’t share the same preferences. How do you bridge the gap between people who love food, but love different food? This turned out to be remarkably easier than I used to realize. It’s so easy in life to dismiss these challenges and say, oh it’s different so it’s not going to work. The keys are finding some common ground and also to make the effort to better understand what is different and build off that.
An example of this would be my sister and I. I’m sure if you asked both of us who loves to cook more, we’d fight over the answer. We are both passionate about our kitchen creations, but we do have different diets. I was finding it challenging to try and talk about my interests and still be connected with the differing interests of my sister. I discovered the vegetable spiralizer through a friend of mine and realized that this device would be a great thing to share with my sister as it aligned with her dietary needs and preferences. I sent her one for Christmas and since then, our recent messages have been along the lines of “what do you think of this” or ” have you spiralized that?”  By showing some interest and doing some research I was able to find that middle ground and I was able to share my ideas and give my sister and I something meaningful to talk about that effectively bridged the gap. I encourage you to look at the diets of people in your life and find that place where you can connect on common interests and share the love of food in a way that connects with both of you.
Written by AHWD Cuisine Contributor – Dan Saunders