So I’m a vaginal steam practitioner and I work with a lot of women to treat gynecological issues. I gotta say, I think we’re onto the next big thing–and it feels much better than anything that’s happened to me in a gynecologist office.

I’ve seen steaming completely eliminate cramps in 90-95% of the women who use it. I’ve seen fibroids fall out of women. I’ve seen debilitating cyst pain relieved instantly. And I’ve seen yeast infections clear up in 2-3 days without antibiotics.

Gynecologists and researchers–I really think we’re onto something. Steaming is non-invasive. It has relatively no side-effects (unless you want to count great sleep, relaxation and increased libido). It’s inexpensive. And it’s safe.

Is it possible to reproduce the results I have with my customers in a medical setting? Can we actually solve cramps rather than use birth control pills to cover them up? Can fibroids be treated without surgery? Is this a faster more efficient method to clear up yeast infections?

It seems to have a lot of potential. The next big gynecological treatment might be right under our a–.

Written by Keli Garza

Owner of Chick Food Inc.

Blog Writer for AHWD