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A Man’s Ultimate Guide To Summer Grooming

A Man’s Ultimate Guide To Summer Grooming

We are fast approaching the first days of SUMMER! Personally, my favorite time of the year. Long, hot days and warm nights make me a very happy girl. I love to see a man in shorts and a tank top with a bit of a summer tan…nothing better! Well…unless he’s carrying a margarita for me. As much fun as these summer months can bring; they can also, unfortunately, bring a bit of havoc to your hair and skin.



The raveges of summer sun exposure, sweating, and the occasional cocktail can lead to a bit of dehydration. So keeping yourself and your skin properly hydrated during the summer months is important. The average man’s body is made up of over 65% water. Your skin, when properly hydrated, should contain about this much water as well. This means drinking up to 125oz of water a day! Also, eating plenty of fruit and vegetables all summer long, help to keep you properly hydrated and the antioxidants help to offset any sun damage!  The raveges of summer sun exposure, sweating, and cocktails can lead to a bit of dehydration. The benefits of keeping yourself and your skin hydrated are:

Keeping your joints lubricated (beach volleyball)

Regulates your internal body temperature by sweating and respiration

Helps to flush out waste & toxins (margaritas) through urination

Skin on your face and body that generally looks and feels amazing

So, by all means gentleman…drink up!! Water that is…




I know this seems a bit on the obvious side; but you guys must wear sunscreen everyday! The summer sun can and will ravage your skin. My suggestion is a broad spectrum sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays. I like Dermalogica Sport Broad-Spectrum SPF50


Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 10.14.39 AM

If it’s too late and you’ve already gotten a bad burn, do not over lubricate your skin with thick lotions. Your skin needs to cool down. A light coat of Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion will do the trick to help repair the sun damage to your skin. In a pinch; you can also use a bit of cold yogurt!

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 10.24.17 AM

Another quick sun tip; avoid applying your cologne anywhere ‘the sun shines’ when you’re sunbathing! Reason being…the suns’s UV rays can react with the cologne to cause unsightly rashes!

Let’s move onto your summer hair needs. Swimming, both in pools and the ocean, is not the best for your hair. After swimming in both, make sure to rinse off with fresh water. This will help to keep your hair in great summer shape.  The summer sun, sweat, and heat may also cause you to have a bit more oil in your hair. My suggestion; dry shampoo. Apply to your roots where the oil is tends to be the worst. I recommend Fekkai Bowout DryShampoo


Gentleman, for love of….summer…PLEASE KEEP YOUR FEET GROOMED! No man should ever subject anyone to unkempt feet! A simple pre-summer suggestion…a pedicure! Start the summer flipflop season with a pedicure. Maintain your healthy feet by getting a pedicure once a month whist your wearing flip flops. This routine is not a suggestion…IT’S A REQUIREMENT!


Let’s now turn to fragrance. Gentlman, by all means, please wear deodorant everyday all day all year round. The heat of summer tends to intensify a fragrance. So think about choosing a lighter scent for the hot summer months. Scents with citrus are perfect for summer. One of my personal favorites is Creed Virgin Island Water

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 11.08.57 AM

If you’re planning on flying anywhere this summer, I’ve a few tips. When flying, drink plenty of water, as flying dehydrates you. Also try to avoid coffee and tea on flights this will further dehydrate you. Keeping your skin moisturized during flights is a must. Something to remember, pack small versions of your essential grooming needs into your carry-on; this way if your bag gets lost your not a mess! Don’t forget an extra pair of undies as well!

I’m the first person to advocate enjoying every ounce of summer! I hope some of these tips will help you to enjoy yours. I have one final tip…get enough sleep! Sleep in the cornerstone to all health.


Written by – A.H.W.D. Men’s Grooming & Stylist – Michelle Harvey

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