Recently, this lady on Facebook confided that she is having difficulty getting pregnant and asked for advice. A woman recommended that she have sex every other day INDEFINITELY (even during the period) until she gets pregnant. And then all of these other women “liked” that comment and said that’s the best approach and that’s what their doctors told them to do. And after X number of months of trying it worked.

Sorry folks but I think that’s a TERRIBLE approach. Doctor recommendation or not.

First of all, sex tires out the uterus. You want to get pregnant when your uterus is strong to avoid any possibility of miscarriage or other complications.

Second of all, releasing semen frequently weakens a man’s sperm quality and count. It’s best to save the semen for actual ovulation to increase the likelihood of conception.

Third, if a woman is trying to conceive, she shouldn’t have sex AFTER her ovulation. She should allow the embryo a chance to implant itself and not make it more difficult for the uterus by creating more work and exhausting it.

Fourth, the menstrual cycle and ovulation is not a mystery–it’s a cycle. It repeats over and over and over and over again. Every Month. For 40 years. Usually, with very little variation. Why not learn your cycle and have sex at ovulation? Studies show that the majority of women who conceive do so on their ovulation day or the day before.

Fifth, nature should be the guide. Women only ovulate one time a month for 24 hours. That’s when she should have sex if she’s trying to conceive. For best results, I’d even recommend not having any sex (nor masturbating) for either partner from Day 1 of the menstrual cycle.


The woman should rest entirely during her period prior to conceiving. Resting during the period strengthens the woman’s uterus and overall health and immunity.

The couple should kiss and massage only for the two weeks between the period and ovulation. This creates tremendous desire–good for making a baby.

Make your baby Day 14 or 15 of your menstrual cycle. (If the ovulation is not on one of those days, do a free period reading to see what might be off. It’s important to get the period regular before conceiving in order to reduce pregnancy risks.)

Written by Keli Garza

Owner of Chick Food Inc.

Blog Writer for AHWD

(Photo of Keli–9 months pregnant. Keli and her husband made their baby on their first try–Day 15 of her menstrual cycle while Keli was ovulating. It was the only time that month that sperm entered her uterus.)

Photo Credit: Pablo Aguilar Photography