Grass so real….it’s unreal!  WaterLess Turf enhances any landscape design and is virtually maintenance-free. WaterLess Turf looks and feels like real grass (some say even better). With just a little basic maintenance, your WaterLess Turf yard will always be green, neat and beautiful for many years to come!

Synthetic Turf Advantages

  • 50% Or More Water Savings


  • No mowing or Watering


  • No Irrigation Repairs or wasted runoff water


  • No Sod Installation/Replacement Costs


  • Pet Friendly – Durability – Antibacterial-Pest     Free – Easily Cleaned


  • Environmental Advantages – No Fertilizer or Pesticides Required


  • Lawn Utilization Enhancements (Add A Playground, Putting Green or Recreational Area)


  • Long Term Solution (10 Year Product Warranty) 15-20 year Life Expectancy


  • Increased Property Value (Green Lawns All Year)


  • Improved Grading And Drainage Of Turf Areas Due To Gravel/DG Sub-Base Implementation


  • Incentive Rebates from Water Department

If you live in a hot climate or you are faced with water restrictions – Waterless turf may be a great option for you!  I recently made over a back yard with Vic from Waterless Turf – and let me tell you, it looks and feels like real grass.  It is crazy how much water we use to try to keep our “grass-green” especially here in Southern California.  In fact the average household uses about 30% of their water to do that – water grass that in some areas of the country – just dies.  So when it comes to beautifying your yard, also think about the environment and consider is your yard worth wasting water on – or should you upgrade to make it look beautiful all year round?

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