If you enjoyed the upcycled jar craft I did on this week’s episode, then you are going to love these!

Here are a few more ideas I found on Pinterest that I absolutely love!


For this look, you simply paint the lid of your jar and then screw a hole into the center of the lid.  Find a vintage drawer handle and screw it into your lid. Secure with a nut and Voila, you now have a decorative jar!



For old baby food jars or other random jars you might have lying around. Line them with fabric or patterned paper and use them for storage or to hold battery-operated votives!


For this upcycling craft, wrap old wine bottles in twine and yarn. Decorate with applique and buttons.  This is one of my favorites!

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Featured jar image from Pinterest – https://www.pinterest.com/pin/249386898092707266/