Imagine loving the time when your moon blood comes.

Imagine feeling the release of all the emotions, tensions and events that your body took on during a lunar cycle and feeling it all go back to the earth.

Imagine sitting over a steam of flowers and herbs after your period is over, taking in the medicine and loving energy of the plants, giving yourself and your womb a spa experience.

Imagine feeling the echo of the tides of the ocean, the rhythms of nature, in your own body; feeling the regenerative powers of Mother Nature in you.

Imagine allowing yourself to retreat during your moon time; feeling supported by your family and friends who hold space for you to take things a little slower, easier, have a little more alone time.

Our menstrual cycles can be a powerful time of healing, rejuvenation, and connection to self and the earth. They can also be dreaded inconveniences that come with physical pain, discomfort, and high emotional swings.

Women have been bleeding and having babies since the beginning of our time on this planet, and recently, a powerful ancient healing practice has begun to reappear for the modern woman.

Vaginal & Yoni Steaming 

“Vaginal steaming is used to prevent and treat EVERY gynecological health concern out there. If a woman owns a steam chair in her home she probably won’t ever need to go to the gynecologist again.” – Keli Garza, owner of Chick Food Inc.

Keli discovered steaming in 2010 after attending a Mayan womb healing class by Marcia Lopez of True Healing Body Work in Los Angeles. At first, she didn’t have any interest in the practice but several months later, it was the only solution she could think of for a problem she was having.

She went a whole month overdue and no period. Pregnancy tests came back negative. Remembering the v-steam treatment, she researched everything she could online and made her own rustic setup for steaming at home. It was an incredible experience as she felt an energy in her womb. This movement continued for a couple of days and then finally her period came.

After that experience, she wanted to learn more. Through research, she discovered that steaming has traditionally been used by Korean, Indonesian, Mexican, Polynesian and African women–all over the globe. Keli decided to join the crowd–she constructed her own steam chair and began to practice the custom at home. She used it monthly after her period for several years and saw many health benefits. Overall she loved the cleanliness she felt after steaming. It felt like the ritualistic ending to a monthly purification ceremony and her re-entry into normal society. Keli says that once she integrated steaming into her life her need to visit a gynecologist faded away. “Everything is always perfect down there. If anything is off, a little herbal steam takes care of it.”

Keli’s crowning moment with the steam chair came after she had her baby. She steamed daily for the thirty days after giving birth. “It just felt so relieving,” says Keli. “Everything down there felt so beat up and bruised. It helped alleviate the bone aching and afterbirth contractions reduced swelling and helped all of the skin go back into place.” After just one month Keli had lost almost all of her pregnancy weight–she was only five pounds more than her pre-pregnancy weight. She attributes it to steaming and to the postpartum diet and herbs that she nourished herself with. It was after that experience that Keli was urged by a friend to start Chick Food Inc. –to bring these benefits to other women.


 When I heard about Chick Food Inc. and vaginal steaming, I knew I had to give it a try. As an herbalist, I use medicinal plants in all aspects of my life; however, I had not experienced them for vaginal steaming. I went to and found that Keli had created profiles of different “chicks” according to their predominant health patterns and nutritional needs. I took the free quiz to find which chick I was and Keli created a custom treatment plan for me, as she does with all of her clients. A week later, I received a beautiful electric steam chair in the mail, with a package of herbs and instructions, all for $150. I now have my steam chair for life and make steaming part of my regular self-care practice.

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 1.18.21 PM

The experience of steaming has been wonderful, delightful, healing and so nourishing. I have witnessed first hand the healing power of the herbal steam as it has supported my body in cleansing my womb during my moon time. My cycle has become lighter and easier. I enjoy bleeding on the full moon and ovulating on the new moon, which makes hormone-free birth control quite easy. Having been deeply connected to the magic of my moon time for several years, I was pleasantly surprised to enter new gateways of healing and connection through my womb steam practice. It is deeply enjoyable and relaxing and it is now something I can recommend to my clients when they come needing gynecological healing.

Health Benefits of Vaginal Steaming

Overall Benefits:

Uterus Cleanse


Pregnancy Preparation


Vagina Lift

Preventative Health Practice (reduces incidence of fibroids, cysts, growths, cramps, clots)

Increase Libido

Sleep Aid

Treats the Following Gynecological Issues:

Cramps and Uterine Pain

Urinary Tract Infections

Yeast Infections

Bacterial Infections

Unpleasant Vaginal Discharge

Reduces Heavy Periods

Increases Light Periods

Clears old residue out of the uterus (brownish discharge, clots, cramps)

Treats infertility

Regularizes menstrual cycles and ovulation

Balances Hormones


Postpartum Benefits:

Helps clear out lochia (leftover fluids and matter in the womb)

Relieves uterine pain and cramps (after birth contractions)

Corrects or prevents prolapse and hemorrhoids

Helps to reduce bloating and bring circulation to the abdomen

Shrinks the vaginal skin back to its pre-pregnancy state

Cleans and disinfects stitches and tears

Emotional & Spiritual Benefits:

Purification and Release

Steaming helps women to literally purify their core and release energy and matter they no longer wish to hold in their wombs. It allows women to forgive themselves and others for incidences that have occurred over their lifetimes. Steam treatments allow the womb to clear out old residue. As that matter releases, women likewise release emotional feelings that have been stuck inside. It can be a very profound healing tool for women to overcome old emotions and trauma.


Steaming gives women confidence. They deepen their connection with their bodies through a nourishing practice, which is very empowering. They also know that they smell good so they do not have as many reservations when interacting with their family, friends, co-worker or sexual partner.

Harmony with Nature

Women who steam regularly have menstrual cycles that are aligned with the moon. The female body and the moon share a 28-day cycle. Bleeding in harmony with nature is deeply strengthening and empowering.

Herbs Used for V-Steams and their Medicinal Properties

In general, herbs are used that promote circulation, disinfect, reduce yeast and bacteria, reduce inflammation, deodorize, tighten the skin, add fragrance and provide nourishment.

Chick Food Inc has included some of our ancient herbal allies and use them in their steaming herb blend for the following reasons: (click links to view products)

Mugwort: Promotes circulation, eliminates lochia and after-birth contractions.

Sage: Disinfects wounds, promotes circulation, reduces inflammation, kills bacteria and fungus, deodorizes

Witch Hazel: Disinfects wounds, reduces inflammation, kills bacteria and fungus, deodorizes, tightens skin

Lavender: Disinfects wounds, reduces inflammation, kills bacteria and fungus, deodorizes, calms, tightens skin

Rose: Disinfects wounds, reduces inflammation, deodorizes, promotes circulation, calms, tightens skin

Chamomile: Disinfects wounds, reduces inflammation, kills bacteria and fungus, calms, tightens skin

Peppermint: Pain-relieving, reduces inflammation, kills bacteria and fungus, deodorizes, promotes circulation, tightens skin

Parsley: Reduces inflammation, provides skin nutrients and kills bacteria and fungus

Nettles: Provides skin nutrients, reduces inflammation, disinfects wounds, reduces inflammation

Comfrey: Aids in healing, regenerates skin, provides nutrients

Dandelion: Strong anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antiviral and antibacterial. provides nutrients

How to Begin 

The ancient tradition of steaming is becoming more accessible and if you are interested in experiencing vaginal steaming, you have several options.

If you live in a city with Korean Spas, such as Los Angeles, you can have a treatment and see how it feels before buying your home kit. In Los Angeles, the Korean Spas that offer v-steams include Daengki Spa, Tikkun Holistic Spa, Tikkun Medical Spa and Hugh Spa. You can also try a steam with a private practitioner who offers it. In the LA area, these include Doula Zoe Etkin of Umeboshi Babies, Mayan Womb Healer Marcia Lopez, and Panquetzani of Indigemama.

“Western” spas are catching on too, so inquire at your local spas.

If you already know that you want to steam, and if you would like to do it in the comfort of your home, go to and take a free quiz to see what “kind of chick” you are, so the ladies at Chick Food Inc can customize a steam treatment plan for you. They have various affordable options and you will get your own steam chair that will last you indefinitely!

Once your package arrives, follow the protocol designed for you and begin enjoying the deep nourishment, relaxation, healing, and connection of this ancient womb care practice. I suggest you keep a journal about your experience to help deepen the connection with your womb and to help keep track of the physical and emotional transformations.

Do you steam? Share your experience with our readers!

Written By, AHWD Wellness Expert – Marysia Miernowska


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