A funny thing happens at the farmer’s market. Inspiration seems to touch everyone ~ even the hubs, who normally just does the eating. However, when he gets that market motivation, he can create some pretty amazing things! This is one of his specialties. We’ve adapted it over the years, to its current state…perfection!

I love experimenting with different flavors, maybe an olive loaf one time, a dark rye another. Mix it up! Play with colors and textures- it’s what makes cooking fun and unique. We’ve done this recipe with many different market finds, so it always seems fresh and new. This dark whole-grain will look beautifully moody with our wild mushroom medley…

Get in there with your hands – it’s the best way.

Major attention to detail here, placement is very important to this Sunday chef.

I love how the fresh thyme leaves brighten the whole dish. They add that touch of something homegrown and special. It’s the perfect flavor to accompany wild mushrooms.

A perfect Sunday morning breakfast for two. The mushrooms are woodsy, warm and so comforting. They go well with a splash of rosé if that’s the kind of day you plan on having!