With my blog Cupboard to Table, my hope is to share with you some of the best ideas to make something from nothing. We have talked about using your cupboard, your pantry, your fridge and your freezer. There are limitless resources in your own home that you can leverage to make meals easy, impressive and available to you.

Looking back at the freezer, one of the best ideas I can share is store bought pie crust. Making pie crust from scratch is an involved process and can get pricey when you buy all of the ingredients. You could spend all day making a beautiful crust and most of your guests would never even notice – the star is often the filling.

Buying store bought frozen pie crusts and keeping them in your freezer is an essential tip for making quick, impressive dishes – the type of dish that your guest is left awe struck by.

I keep frozen pie crusts on hand to make quiches, fruit pies or meat pies – They are the perfect base for your creativity and you can still present something homemade and cost effective.

I would love to hear how you use frozen pie crusts – what are your go to frozen-to-homemade dishes that bring you into the upper crust?


Written by A.H.W.D. Food Blogger Dan Saunders.