The Cupboard to Table blog has always been about making something from nothing.  Part of that, is knowing what foods you can keep in your pantry and almost forget about that will be there when you need them.

This leads us to root vegetables. They are some of the best value foods on the market.  They have substance, flavor and nutrients – and if prepared creatively can be just as impressive as luxury ingredients.  I think I’d take a beet borscht over a lobster bisque almost every day.

It’s amazing how delicious root vegetables can be in soups, stews and sauces.  The starch in some root vegetables can even thicken some of your meals without the need to use gluten-containing thickeners.

Growing up, we often had root vegetables as our traditional family cuisine.  Examples of root vegetables include parsnip, daikon, celeriac, sweet potato and carrot, just to name a few, but one of my absolute favorites is the beet.


I have been so excited about using a spiralizer to make spiral vegetables lately.  I am fully subscribed to the spiralizing concept and have even bought the most exciting cookbook on the subject.  I have really enjoyed using the device to spiralize root vegetables for recipes and one of the most exciting was a beet and feta casserole.

The most common way to prepare beets is to either roast them whole or pickle them, but spiralizing them and baking them in a casserole was a whole new way to view the beet.  The idea sounds simple, but the execution was incredible.  Baking spiralized beets with Mediterranean flavours, such as feta, olives and tomatoes created a flavour profile that far exceeded the budget and expectations.  If you are concerned about the intense colour of the red beets, there are other varieties that you can find at some grocery stores and farmer’s markets, such as golden beets, which have a much lighter colour, but are equally delicious.


I encourage you to explore more recipes with beets and learn all of the wonder of root vegetables.


Written by AHWD Food writer – Dan Saunders.