“Expedition Ayiti seeks to promote intercultural understanding, by giving visitors an authentic experience of Haitian life and culture, while bringing economic opportunities to rural Haitian communities.”

Haiti is a fascinating place with a very rich history and culture! Many people in the United States have been to Haiti on mission trips. These experiences commonly entail staying in a compound or mission house while venturing out during the day, as a group, to provide aid. Because this is the way most people experience Haiti, the perception of the country is often distorted. Expedition Ayiti seeks to facilitate an intimate experience with Haiti, the people and culture. This experience gives people the opportunity to explore and discover what some people refer to as the “hidden face” of the country. The experience will happen on foot, with a backpack – hiking through the undulating landscape of the island, while being hosted at night by rural villages.

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Experience Overview

Expedition Ayiti invites people to Haiti for a nine day experience (this can be customized to accommodate what you want to see and do). The first day will be spent in Port Au Prince, visiting the city and going through a short orientation to prepare for the next eight days of being immersed in a new culture. We will spend the second day traveling to the Central Plateau of Haiti, where the hike will begin in the town of Pignon. The next five days will be spent exploring the Central Plateau.  Hikers will walk four to eight miles each day. The group will overnight in five different rural communities where hikers will be put up in Haitian homes, eat Haitian food, and experience authentic Haitian life.  Local leaders will share the history of their communities and be available to answer questions. The group will be led by cultural interpreters, English speaking Haitians, who will narrate the country for hikers.  They will explain customs, history, education, and other things that will be seen during your time in the country. There will be a day spent traveling back to Port Au Prince where you will then fly home.

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Southern Haiti Expedition

Day 1: Port Au Prince

Arrive in Port Au Prince in the morning

Tour the city (many options)

Visit the National Museum of Haiti (MUPANAH)

Overnight at RUSTIK in Furcy

Day 2: Hike to  Seguin

(Approximately 10 miles)

Start hike early in the morning

Hike is very mountainous

Overnight at Winnie’s Guest House

Day 3: Hike to Marigot

(Approximatley 16 miles)

Start hike in early morning

Descend mountain to the ocean

Overnight in Marigot

Day 4: Spend Day in Jacmel

Travel to Jacmel

Take historic tour of Jacmel’s port

Visit Bassin Bleu

Day 5: Hike to Tomgateau

(Approximately 10 miles)

Start hike in early morning

Overnight in Tomgateau

Day 6: Hike to Leogane

(Approximately 15 miles)

Start hike in early morning

Mountainous Day

Spend time at Taino Beach

Day 7: Depart Haiti

We will get people to the airport in the morning in time for their flights home


Cost: $1,000 USD

This price includes all transportation, food, lodging, and guide services.

It does not include extra food, snacks, beer, souvenir items, etc.

Features: tour Port Au Prince, intimate cultural interaction with Haitian communities, overnight at beautiful Rustik, hike through La Visite National Park, experience one of Haiti’s most beautiful port cities-Jacmel,  swim in Bassin Bleu, visit Leogane

Be aware that this is a challenging hike over mountainous terrain.

*This is a standard itinerary.  It is by no means set in stone and can be customized to fit the needs and desires of your group.


Written & shared by Austin Taylor – to learn more visit –  http://expeditionayiti.org/haiti/about.html