Friends, so much has happened over the recent past for the Snyder Tribe!

Beyond starting our own family, we have had the privilege of serving other families and those who look to inspire their own communities in Haiti.

Christopher has visited Haiti a few times since we started our non-profit (C.H.M.I) in 2010- and because of your compassion and donations C.H.M.I. and Project R.A.C.E. (Radically Assisting Children Everywhere) have been able to support school teachers and students in Haiti over the years.

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Well, Christopher is heading back to Haiti at the end of August 2015, and we are collecting donations for the trip!

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We are raising funds to support his travels with the non-profit Expedition Ayiti, (an organization that supports local businesses via travel by creating informative back-packing trips across the diverse landscapes of Haiti).
Please visit their website to become more informed of all of their endeavors at :

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Along the hike Christopher will be visiting local communities and schools in Pignon (a commune in the Saint-Raphaƫl Arrondissement) to bring assistance to families in need.

So please keep him and the great people of Haiti in your prayers.

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If you are able to, please donate- knowing that 100% of your considerations are directly implemented into the cause.

You may do so by visiting:

Thank you for your support.

Warmest light,