On this week’s episode of AHWD, Didiayer gives us a few things to consider, from our choices in food, fashion and cleaning products.

Didiayer sits down with Ragan Brooks to discuss the benefits of eating organically and how we can make wiser choices when shopping for food.

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Chef Herve will show us step by step how to make delicious turkey meatballs that are sure to make your mouth water!


Pyrographer Emily Joy Walker stops by to share her craft and show us the beautiful art of wood burning.

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Didiayer catches up with fashion stylist Lauren Messiah to find out the latest trends in accessories. There are definitely some bizarre fashions in style right now!

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And Wellness expert Marysia Miernowska will share with us how to make our own organic cleaning products and the benefits of using them verse commercial products.

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Tune in this Saturday December 20th at 7:30 a.m. EST on ABC!

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