We always love when Marysia shares with us, and this passionfruit raw pie is simply delightful.  She’s also included a lovely passionfruit tea to go along with it.

I hope you enjoy it as much I did.  It defiantly reminded my home land, Australia.  Growing up, I remember passionfruit vines growing wildly everywhere.  It seemed everyone had a vine growing over their fence, and us kids had no problem eating them up.  But it wasn’t just their delicious fruit that I loved…it was also the gorgeous flowers they would produce…Let’s just say, I have a passion for passionfruit.  Enjoy!


“In California, students have been meditating with Passionvine infusion and the Passionfruit has inspired us to make various versions of a creamy, frozen Passionfruit Raw Pie!”

Shared by Wellness Expert – Marysia Merinowska.


Passionfruit Raw Pie


A handful of dates, soaked for 2 or more hours.
Blended in a Vitamix with about 1 cup of coconut oil or coconut butter. Add powdered almonds / almond meal/ or other powdered nut until you make a ball that sticks together, but is not sticky.
Press into the bottom of a pie dish.
Freeze for a few hours or until its hard.



7 – 1- passionfruit blended in vitamix. strain seeds if you wish.

Blend in 1.5 cups of coconut oil or coconut butter and add

1 can of coconut cream,

seeds from fresh vanilla,

a date to sweeten, a splash of maple syrup, or sweetener of choice, to taste – just a tad.

When the crust is hard, pour filling into crust and let set in freezer. Decorate with edible flowers and Enjoy with your loved ones!


Passionvine Tea

1 medium size pot

2 cups passionvine leaves, tendrils and flower if you wish.

Gently simmer the fresh passionvine in water with a lid on, so the vapors don’t escape with the medicine for 20 min or so.

Allow to cool or drink warm.

Enjoy in the evening, as a relaxing tea, inviting in the mystical and watery magic of passionvine to wash you into dream world.


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