Sometime or another we have all heard “it’s the small things that matter most”.   On this episode Didiayer shows us that the small things are what we really should turn our focus to.  Most of us may not be able to imagine downsizing to a tiny house but once you see what design architect Vina Lustado has done with her home you may be joining the “Tiny House Revolution”!

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Two words we may not like to hear in the same sentence is small and vacation, but not everyone has the time or can afford to go on a vacation.  Didiayer will give us insight on taking mini vacations that are sure to be a better fit into our schedules and our budgets.

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Recycling is one of the many ways for us to do our part to help the environment and plastic water bottles seem to be quite abundant these days.  So before sending those bottles off to be recycled, why not up cycle  a few and turn them into a bird feeder!  Didiayer will show us a quick way to create this cute little craft right in your backyard.

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Thinking about investing?  Didiayer heads to Wilshire Coin to learn about investing into gold and silver and why it is an excellent alternative to investing in paper currency.

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One of the most important things in our lives is definitely our health.  Sometimes we may be too tired or think we don’t have enough time to really focus on our health, but wellness expert Lori Harder will teach us the importance of taking some time to ourselves to do exactly that.  She shows us how taking an hour of your day to focus on you can really benefit your health.  Tune in to learn all about the “power hour”!


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