Getting your new year in order, can save a lot of time, and create new opportunity! 

Happy New Year everyone. It is a beautiful day here in Florida, the 1st of January 2016.

As Christopher drives our RV south toward Melbourne Beach & Sebastian Inlet, I thought I’d share with you a couple of ideas to get you motivated to wrap up 2015, and get organized for 2016!

On the Road Again!

This weekend I encourage you to pack up all your holiday decorations. Recycle your Christmas tree, if you had one, take down the lights, and pack away all your beloved ornaments. Then clean up, and organize your home!

There’s nothing like a fresh start to the year, knowing you have everything organized, as best you can, before the work week starts.

Even though we just started winter here in the United States, the beginning of the year is a great opportunity to purge! It doesn’t have to be Spring to get your cleaning grove on.

In fact, after all those holiday gifts and extra items you purchased in celebration of the season, it’s a great time to pull out a few trash bags and fill them with old clothes, toys, and other items that you can donate.

Letting go, and creating more space in your closets and home, will bring a new energy into your space and lighten up your new year!

Have you cleaned your car lately? I haven’t. One of my “must do’s” this weekend.  In fact, it’s full of “stuff” that I need to drop off at a donation center.

It should defiantly be on your list to clean and organize, because you use it most likely on a daily bases. Having a fresh clean car to get around in can lift your mood, especially if you have long commutes to work.

Once all the tiding up, cleaning and organizing is done, it’s time to think about your finances.

You may have gone over board during the holidays, or not, due to not having the budget, or like many Americas – you may of paid for gifts and other items on a credit card.

Do you know your credit score? 

Do you know how much money you honestly owe? 

Have you created a budget? 

Or started to think about your taxes?

Well, this more than any cleaning or other “do to” list goal. Having your “house in order financially” is very important. It  truly creates less stress and anxiety in our life.

Being from Australia, I was raised to only purchase things I could actually pay for. My father past away when I was 13 years of age, and I watched my mother run a household “within her budget.”  She taught me at a very young age, if I didn’t have the money, how and why would I think of buying it.

Saving or waiting for “pay day” was the way when I was younger. A simpler and more real experience, then what I have encountered living here in America.

America is a nation of consumerism. It is credit card city USA, and all at a very high price.

Young college students are offered credit cards even before they get a job, and most graduate school with more than $60,000 worth of debt, such as student loans, family loans, and multiple credit cards of DEBT!

Credit cards are not bad. And loans to gain an education are not bad. In fact, credit cards and student loans can be considered “good debt”, if they are paid off each month, and you don’t default on your loans.

Debt at this point is an entire blog unto itself, which I will address another time. My point, is as mentioned above, where are you at with your finances?

This year be committed to getting a grasp on them, and be in control of your money, instead of banks and institutions controlling it.

For 2016, I encourage you to create a spread sheet or simply write down your monthly expenses – honesty. 

Know how much interest your credits cards and other loans are. See how you can lower your debt.

Are there areas that you can save money? Such as cable! There are so many inexpensive ways you can enjoy watching favorite shows, without paying a lot of money to watch television.

Can you consolidate your credit card debt? 

Becoming fully aware of your finances, and respecting the hard earn money you make, WILL create such a freedom in your life, even if you have to work a little harder at reducing and finally paying off your debt. Living a debt free life is achievable! 

It will take work for you to get there, but you can do it. 2016 is a new year, so this weekend – set new goals and dive in. 

Once you have a clear understanding of your finances, next is your 2015 tax return. If you have other years to take care of, do what you can to pay your taxes and get up to date with them all. Again, this takes work! But is rewarding once it’s all done.

Now that your home and finances are in order, living and being creative with your year will come about a lot clearer for you.

I plan on sharing more with you weekly. That’s my commitment in 2016. To blog once a week. My goal is that you will have a positive experience reading my thoughts, and tackling some of my projects, or simply enjoying my words and images that I share. It is my way of inspiring you to live an abundant life.

Until next time, here are a few images from our journey on the road today.  We left Daytona Beach in the morning and headed south toward Melbourne Beach.  We will be staying in Kissimmee over the next week while we shoot Destination Florida for season two of At Home With Didiayer.  We have some amazing stories we will be sharing, so be sure to follow me on Instagram for all the behind the scene action.  My hand is Didiayer_At Home.

Be sure to get started this weekend. I look forward to hearing how it all goes for you, and if you have any questions about organizing – be sure to post your questions here!

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Melbourne Beach, Florida January 1st 2016.