The great state of Kentucky in the winter is a magical place, it just takes wearing some warm gloves and layers of clothing to explore the beauty of its snowy landscapes. 

We knew as we pulled out of Florida that we would hit cold weather as we made our way toward the bluegrass state. Snowy cold weather! And we did in full force.

The crew not only got to experience the changing of blue skies to grey, we had to bunker down for a few days at the Kentucky Horse RV park to allow snow storm Jonas to pass. The weather storm that sadly took the lives of 30 people. Our hearts go out to the families that lost a loved one.

Yet, despite the weather, we were pleased to experience much beauty here in the great state of Kentucky. 


Our journey began in the folk arts and crafts capital of Berea. For the first time, we stepped out of our luxury RV accommodations and stayed at the historical Boone Tavern Hotel. It was quite an honor, as many iconic people have stated in this beautiful Inn. From the Delha Lama,  Henry Ford, President and Mrs. Calvin Coolidge to Eleanor Roosevelt, Maya Angelou, and Robert Frost. The building itself was first build in 1909, and is the first LEED gold certification hotel in Kentucky – and simply stunning. 


Our mission in visiting the Inn, was to learn about the famous Kentucky spoon bread. A delicious pre-dinner dish that sends the pallet into a tantalizing moment of true southern comfort, yet we were honored to experience and learn so much more from this artistic town.


Berea College is the pulse, heart, and soul of this town – and we got a first hand look into the inner workings of this prestigious college and how its relationship has worked hand in hand with the Inn for over 107 years! 


As a designer and carpenter, let’s just say when the Director of Student Crafts, Tim  Glotzbach offered to give me a personal tour of the school, I couldn’t resist. It was a designers dream to see how the arts reflected all around us. 

IMG_1220 IMG_1246

As the snow fall rolled in, we felt deeply blessed to of captured not only one story, but three great stories in this artist town. Something tells me, we will be back! I’m hoping for this years Folk Arts and Crafts Festival in July. Yes, I’ve developed a soft spot for this progressive town in the south! 

As we packed up and braved the cold, we made our way toward Lexington, and shot at Rocky Top Log Furniture. Gwen and Tommy Mitchell are local celebrities in these parts of the woods. In fact, after seeing them on their hit TV show Log Heads on CMT & DIY Network, we knew we had to visit Kentucky to see Tommy in action carving up master pieces.

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Tommy’s designs have also been featured on Extreme Makeover:Home Edition a couple of times. I personally wasn’t in the builds they were on, but during my three seasons as a designer on E.M.H.E., I remember the families they blessed with their gorgeous log furniture. 

It was an honor to not only see Tommy’s designs in person – but to actually help him get a pieces carved out and placed in their beautiful show room. 

It was Gwen’s advice to move on quickly to Kentucky Horse RV Park, as the snow storm was rolling in. I have to say a big thank you to her advice, as it saved our crew from being stuck in the snowy weather for days! 


It was beautiful to watch the snow roll in here at the Kentucky Horse RV Park. (Our current location) We have been here for 4 days now, and we had a front row seat to watch the storm come in. The snow piled up to over a foot, but the sun slowly melted it away back into the earth. 



Even though the landscape is winter white, we ventured out yesterday and shot at Woodford Reserve. When in Kentucky, you MUST hit the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and sample Kentucky’s best bourbon – and Woodford Reserve is the place to visit.IMG_1528

Like many places and activities you can discover in Kentucky, it is steep in history – and Woodford Reserve Distillery dates back to when the first distillery markers settled along the limestone river that runs through the property, which is still used to this day. The sight and smells of this distillery can only truly be appreciated in person, and I encourage you to experience it first hand. 



Our journey has lead us to today’s shoot… and it is the coldest day yet filming here in Kentucky.

We had the honor of visiting Darby Dan Farm.  Known world wide for producing campaigns on the horse track!  From the owners to all the people who nurture these majestic animals, we were blessed to experience a day in the life of all the action on the farm. 


The love and care this team has for horses is a story that needs to be shared. I think many of us only view horse racing from a track. Yet the story of a legendary track horse is breed, born, and lived out in the green pastures of some of the best horse country in the world – and here at Darby Dan Farm it is so.

Our hope is for people to gain a deeper understanding of the passion, love, and care that goes into these fine prestigious animals. We are in Kentucky after all, and an episode entitled Destination:Kentucky, wouldn’t be complete without sharing the history of horses and the states love for these beautiful creatures. 


The Kentucky Horse Rv Park is within the grounds of the Kentucky Horse Park.  It is the only park dedicated to an animal – the horse, and is a wonderful landscape to explore.  They have two museums, champion horses for you to meet, and equestrian rings that host many different horsing events that the general public can enjoy.  It’s a beautiful park, and one you should explore when in Kentucky.


Our next stop in Kentucky was going to be Greens Borrows.  We were scheduled to film and explore the Lost River Caves.  However, due to the amount of snow and rain we have had, the caves are closed.  We will need to come back and film these incredible caves in July when the weather is perfect and the caves are easier to explore.  I will keep you posted on that adventure.

Until then… As we say, Home Is Were We Park It!