The drive through Texas is long. Hwy 40 is even longer, and as things would go today, we experienced our first flat tire.

Now let me set the picture for you.

We are half way to our destination for the night. It’s 4:45pm, and we are in the cooler climate of New Mexico now, with high winds, and two tired restless children. Oh yeah, that’s right we are traveling pulling our 40 foot 5th wheel around America with two young children. A 4 year old and 11 month old.


It has its moments, and today is a day that my husband and I have to take that long long deep breath and dig deep into our bag of love and patience.

When I look into the eyes of my 11 month old little girl, all I can do is smile. She is a joy in our lives. Easy and very sweet. Our 4 year old is a spirit of activity and can’t help but ask A LOT of questions. She has a world of questions, requests, and more questions! My mum once reminded me that I was once the same. When I was a little girl my parents would make the three days drive from Brisbane to South Australia to visit our grandmother and other relatives – and at the tender age of 4, she reminded me that I did the same. 

FullSizeRender IMG_2943

There are only so many movies, books, and games one can go through on a long road trip, and today I have been reminded the importance of not becoming flat myself – but stoking the fire and light that is within me to ease the stress and tiredness that has glazed over all of us. 

Sometimes it takes a moment such as this, a flat tire, to remind us that life is, and needs to be a balance of ups and downs. It’s what grounds us. It’s what helps us reflect on life, and what motivates us to grow. 

I’m grateful that I can look to the positive and gather my energy to make this moment a positive experience. 

A memory that we can smile about in years to come. Even if it took a flat tire for us to stop, breath, smile and laugh. 


For us, Home Is Where We Park It!


Didiayer – On the road traveling the great nation of America.