The Power of Prayer

As the first week of January 2016 comes to a close, I reflect with a full heart of gratitude.
I started this year off with hopes and dreams like many do, and as someone who is always looking to raise the bar and set new goals, it was imperative that my spiritual life was in full order.

Seeking the Lord to help and guide me through my journey in life has always been something I have turned to in a time of need, but I have always known that the Lord deserves more from me.

Quite often, many of us cry out to God when something happens or when we need something to go our way, but, how often do we turn to the Lord because we sincerely desire a deeper nourishing daily relationship with Him?

I felt that deep calling for more, and began to pray that the Lord would plant a seed in my heart to develop an earnest desire to pray, and start a deeper daily dialogue with Him. Prayer that would truly consume my life.

This week has been an enriching experience, and I have truly felt the power of a fulfilling prayer life unfold.

As many of you know, my husband and I are currently on the road filming our lifestyle television program, At Home With Didiayer. It takes a lot of preparation to coordinate our work schedules and most importantly, the care and the safety of our two precious daughters.  Our number one focus is – who is going to care for them when we have big shoot days? And, how do we balance work and family life on the road?

Well, after much prayer with the Lord, to guide us towards safe, loving and caring providers for our children, God opened the right door for us during our recent filming. I cannot thank the loving women enough from La Petite Academy, for taking care of our girls while we shot segments for Destination: Florida.

La Petite Academy, on Buenaventura Blvd. here in Kissimmee,  is an incredible center. The director, Mrs. Shawn Champion and her compassionate staff are simply amazing. As soon as we walked into the school, we knew in our hearts that both of our girls would be protected, loved and provided for.

IMG_0758 IMG_0759

That’s the first amazing thing that the Lord showed me this week: That He does not want us to fear.

Fear is a gate away to doubt, and with the Lord as our ultimate protector and provider, we need not fear.

I believe that without the power of prayer in action, this first week would not have been as successful.

So how can I say this true? Well, I can only speak from my own personal walk and experience with the Lord.

I know myself well, and this week I’ve had to juggle a lot from the call of duty as a wife and mother to scheduling and running a business. I fully believe because of the daily building I am doing to get closer to the Lord, I am changing within, which in turn is changing my life.

Through this inner change, I have experienced a different manner in which I conduct myself with my family and through my work. I feel more open and available for my family. And through direct prayer with the Lord, I have experienced a positive and over flowing response of the delightful word YES surrounding our business in many different ways.

I’ve been able to book stories, speak with tourism boards, write scripts and schedule shoots – all with easy.

Our goal was to cover great stories this week, and we rocked it!

We shot at the nature and wildlife park Wild Florida.  Interviewed Chad Crawford from the hit TV show “How To Do Florida.”  Ventured out and went air boating through the Everglades.  Filmed alligators and other amazing wildlife.  Went on an agritourism cattle tour, toured the McLean organic citrus farm, and interviewed organic farmer of the year – Benny McLean and his famous sons Ben and Matt from Uncle Matt’s organic citrus fruits and juices!

Here are some images of our adventures this week!

IMG_0664 IMG_0675 IMG_0711

IMG_0708 IMG_0692 IMG_0709

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 11.32.37 PM IMG_0751 IMG_0748

The other thing that I learned this week, is that the Lord wants us to truly talk with Him.

I found myself this past week having more than a daily prayer with the Lord.  I spoke with Him several times throughout the day, and it felt different – invigorating, inspiring, and rewarding.  So much, that I knew all that I had shared with Him and placed at His feet, is what lifted my spirit, removed fears, and what rolled out much positivity and productivity.

So, as this week comes to a close, I encourage you to search your heart and ask yourself where you are in your walk with the Lord?

Have you been fighting to do it all alone? Are you feeling burnt out from the holidays? Lonely or stressed? Then I encourage you to drop it all at the Lords feet, and ask Him to guide you.

As a strong woman, I know what it is like to “do-it-myself”, but what I have experienced this past week is that I have a more powerful protector who is yearning to lead the charge for me, and that’s more than anyone can hope for.

From my home to yours, have a blessed week.

Didiayer ~