As most of you know I’m a fan of fresh organic fruits and vegetables.  Walking through farmers markets and making sure I’ve picked up organic bananas at the grocery store is a beloved past time. However, the reality of making it to a farmers market twice a week coupled with and cost at the store, not to mention the cleaning, proper storage and time in which I must use the items is well…not always ideal.

Our family is pescatarian and has been for over 10 years now. So creating delicious nutritious dishes for my family is very important. So I began to hunt for new ways to still deliver healthy meals without breaking the bank, and let me tell you it came from an unlikely source. Can goods!

I have become so passionate about the subject that in true “Didiayer form” I embarked on writing a cooking book with funny and loving tales of my journey. 

The book is entitled The Can Cooking Guide. Recipes for busy mums and dads that want to deliver fresh healthy meals to their growing kids.

It’s been an eye-opening journey into the world of food and helps demystify peoples concerns and beliefs about the food canning industry.

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