There are certain clothing items that just become a staple “must have” item in your closet. You know, that classic shirt, those perfect pair of jeans, that scarf that you can’t leave home without, and those pair of shoes that you can’t seem to take off.

One of my must-have items is a classic shirt – a Georg Roth shirt to be precise!

I was first introduced to the designer while filming MLifeTV for MGM International. I wore one or more of his blouses in each episode we filmed. Why? Because of the simple beauty, great design, and the way each shirt made me feel. They simply are the perfect must-have shirts.

I had the pleasure of meeting Georg and his wife in Las Vegas and I was so happy to also use their line in season two of At Home With Didiayer. It was like each shirt was made for the show. The colors, style, and fit reflected in segments perfectly.

Great finds need to be shared, and Georg Roth shirts are definitely an item you must have!