Ahhh traveling, isn’t it nice to get away every now and then?  I love to travel and take in all the beauty and history this world has to offer.

• In this episode, we get to explore the “Secret Art of Dr. Seuss” in his traveling art exhibit which is sure to show you another side of Theodore Seuss Geisel. Curator Bill Dreyer will show you what Dr. Seuss was up to when he wasn’t busy writing his famous children’s books.

• We also head back to Las Vegas and cook up some delicious lobster with world-renowned chef Julian Serrano!  This dish is light, quick and is sure to have your mouth watering!

• Traveling can be difficult when kids are involved.  Didiayer has a cute little craft to show us that will keep kids puzzled while traveling.  Popsicle sticks puzzles!  Who doesn’t like popsicles and puzzles?

• Then, of course, there is the worst part about traveling… Packing!! But we’ve got that covered as well with tips from one of our style experts Veronica Taylor.  She shows us how to pack light for a weekend getaway!  “Fashionably” of course!

• Finally, Didiayer also shows us how easy it is to take an old chair and make it look new again, all in an afternoon!