On this episode of AHWD, we learn all about the elements and natural beauty this amazing world has to offer.  Didiayer shows us everything from sustainable prefab homes to the benefits of taking care of ourselves by using the natural elements of the earth.

• Didiayer heads to Hallmark Homes and talks with Luca Brammer about prefab homes and let me tell you, these are some amazing, beautifully designed homes that will have you rethinking your next home purchase.

• Also, we learn all about desert landscapes around the world.  Most of us probably think of the desert and say “no thanks, too hot!” but there really is so much beauty for you to explore and take in.

• Next, we learn about the benefits of using solar energy in our homes, how solar energy is used around the world and we get to step inside Didiayer’s craft room to learn how to do a quick and easy d.i.y. solar light that you can hang just about anywhere to add some ambiance to your outdoor decor! Solar energy is an important part of almost every life process.  Plants and animals, alike, use solar energy to produce important nutrients in their cells. Plants use the energy to produce the chlorophyll that they need to survive, while humans use the sun rays to produce vitamin D in their bodies.  However, when man learned to actually convert solar energy into usable energy, it became even more important.

• Then, we visit De Young Properties in Fresno, CA to learn about the newest trends in energy-efficient homes.

• Finally, Didiayer takes us to Tikkun Holistic Spa where we learn about the benefits of using the elements of the earth for our body from Wellness expert Niki Schwartz.  A gold facial..that sounds amazing if you ask me!