This is a very stylish piece you can use as a coat hanger, purse hanger or maybe even in the kitchen to hang your apron or dish towels on.  It is very simple to make and is sure to add character to any room you put it in.



Drill (1/4 drill bit)


Measuring tape

Vintage drawer knobs



Can tabs (2)

Screws (2)

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 2.58.49 PM

To begin, take your sandpaper and sand any rough spots you see on the driftwood.

Next, take your tape measure and find the center of the wood, make a small mark with your pencil and then mark where you want to place each knob.

Take your drill and drill all the way through where you have made your marks.

Next, you will want to measure 4 inches in on each side of the back of the wood (level with the holes you have already made).

Remove your drill bit and replace it with your screw and screw the can tops into place making sure the tab is facing up.

Finally, add your drawer knobs and secure them into place by attaching the washer and nut to the back.