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After years of inspiring people to organize their homes and lives on Emmy Award-Winning television programs such as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC) and Home Made Simple (Oprah Winfrey Network), it was only natural that Didiayer (pronounced dee-dee-air) would launch her own television programs, aimed to inspire an abundant and healthful life through the diversity of travel and life at home. 


The At Home with Didiayer brand showcases two compelling television series.  


Today the At Home with Didiayer television series embodies all things home by sharing room design transformations, wellness &cuisine, art & DIY projects you can do in an afternoon. It is through this lens that viewers discover the very best in home design and inspiration for their own lives. 

Now in its fifth season, Didiayer and her team are gearing up to makeover some compelling spaces as she reconfigures rooms, resolves design dilemmas, and shares insightful DIY tips along the way. Another unique aspect of the program is the art, wellness, and cuisine influence that Didiayer shares with her audience. 

In each episode, Didiayer connects and works with local companies, artisans, and chefs, who share their expertise, passions, and what home means to them. 


Travel with Didiayer embodies all things travel by sharing the culture, art, cuisine, and adventure of unique destinations. It is through this lens that viewers discover the very best places to stay, learn the inspiration behind exotic cuisines, engage with the people of diverse cultures, and plunge into some incredible adventures along the way. 

Now in its fourth season, Didiayer and her team are gearing up to “Travel the Tropics!” 

From the Florida Keys where we dive with world-renown artist Wyland, to the vibrant culture of Jamaica, this season is bound to have viewers booking their own ticket to paradise. 


We Seek


My Motto

Up-level your life by doing the things that make you happy.

My family and team seek to do that by traveling this beautiful planet so we can share inspiring stories with you.

Didiayer Snyder


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