What is At Home With Didiayer About?

After many years of inspiring people to get their homes and lives organized by making simple yet positive changes, it was only natural that Didiayer (phonetically pronounced dee-dee-air) would launch her own lifestyle television program and product line to further spread her message of living a happy and healthful life.

The At Home with Didiayer television show focuses on sharing the importance of living a healthy lifestyle through promoting innovative products, travel, cooking, design, crafts & D.I.Y. projects, fashion, architecture, and stories that are thought-provoking and that make a difference. The “difference” that Didiayer and her team has cultivated is now shared on the IONLife Network and Vermont television. It streams live on PureFlix and is airing internationally in Malaysia.

“Didiayer brings a refreshing take to all the subjects we love to learn about and explore,” says agent Crista Klayman.

After a successful first and second season of A.H.W.D., Didiayer is gearing up her third run of the diverse lifestyle reality series, and the At Home With Didiayer team has a few plane’s to catch! Fueled by an ambition to engage with the local citizens in many diverse communities, this season’s adventures aim to broaden the audience’s cultural perceptions.

Didiayer and family continue to follow the path as bona fide experience-seekers, casting a light on the essentiality of each destination, serving the audience’s insight and inspiration to take a trip. Of course, food is always involved! Didiayer will cook alongside celebrated chefs, discussing the influence of culinary arts and food in a particular region. And just when you think you have seen it all, the family will reveal an adventure that will have you booking a flight to experience it for yourself! No matter the destination, Season three is bound to inspire viewers to explore this beautiful blue planet we all call home.