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Lap up the Sunshine this Holiday Season!

Growing up in Brisbane, Australia I enjoyed endless Summers on the Gold Coast surfing, playing in the sand, and spending Christmas day eating prawns and other delicious local seafood around a picnic table. Yes, that’s right – many families enjoy Christmas and the New Years on the beach lapping up the golden sunshine. As I sit here today in our RV along the California Coastline, the cooler temperatures are tempting enough to browse the Internet looking for a great deal to head South to warmer weather. No matter how pretty the snow looks and is fun to play around...

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The Power of Scents – How to Make an Organic Perfume

I always learn something powerful about the planet when I spend time with the talented Marysia Miernowska. She is an herbalist, biodynamic gardener, plant spirit medicine practitioner, and the director of the California branch of The Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education. Marysia’s teachings not only transform peoples perspective on plants – her work also nourishes gardens along the California Coastline. Simply put, Marysia is a modern day Earth Mother, and it’s always an honor to be in her presence. Spending time with her or listening to Marysia’s teachings invokes my deeper calling in life. Inspiring others to...

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Guided Meditaton with Didiayer

There is a lot of noise out there. From the chaotic news that reaches into our homes from around the world to the social media posts that you find disappointing to see and read at times. Life as we know it, – right now… is noisy. It’s so noisy that we often times get caught up in the noise that it becomes our norm.  It is imperative that we STOP  – for a moment, each and every day and truly nurture our souls.  Meditation is a practice in which you train your mind to induce a stream of consciousness....

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Candle holder inspirations

Growing up in Australia the weather was always perfect through my child like eyes. In fact, we have a saying down under…”beautiful one day, perfect the next”. To me that included warm Christmas days enjoyed on the beach eating seafood with my family. However, I’ve grown to enjoy the great changes of the seasons here in America. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE SUMMER, and will also long for warm sunny days – it’s just in my blood. Yet, as the seasons change just as we do over the years, I’ve taken a liking to the cooler weather...

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Episode 104: Wind, Earth, Fire

On this episode of AHWD, we learn all about the elements and natural beauty this amazing world has to offer.  Didiayer shows us everything from sustainable prefab homes to the benefits of taking care of ourselves by using the natural elements of the earth. • Didiayer heads to Hallmark Homes and talks with Luca Brammer about prefab homes and let me tell you, these are some amazing, beautifully designed homes that will have you rethinking your next home purchase. • Also, we learn all about desert landscapes around the world.  Most of us probably think of the desert and say “no...

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