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Oils & Spice and Everything That’s “Naturally” Nice

For the past two years, we have traveled across America and back again, a few times, filming the second season of our television program At Home With Didiayer. It was a beautiful experience. Full of up’s and down’s – with a crew, and two kids in tow. You may have read in a past blog that my husband Christopher and I sold our Hollywood home back in 2015, and chose to upgrade to an RV. That statement is best left for another blog. Nevertheless, it changed our lives. We got closer. At times we wanted nothing more than to...

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Backpacking Trips in Haiti

“Expedition Ayiti seeks to promote intercultural understanding, by giving visitors an authentic experience of Haitian life and culture, while bringing economic opportunities to rural Haitian communities.” Haiti is a fascinating place with a very rich history and culture! Many people in the United States have been to Haiti on mission trips. These experiences commonly entail staying in a compound or mission house while venturing out during the day, as a group, to provide aid. Because this is the way most people experience Haiti, the perception of the country is often distorted. Expedition Ayiti seeks to facilitate an intimate experience...

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