Kale Salad - The Modern Superfood!
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Kale Salad - The Modern Superfood!

Since most of us are bundled up at home this week, it's the perfect opportunity to create new dishes for you and your loved ones. Dishes that are not only delicious BUT super health for you. This is a kale salad that you will be making for years to come. Not only because it

is soooo tasty, but it is also soooo good for you!

Every so often, we are granted the opportunity to spend some time in the company of others willing to share their knowledge in ways that far exceed our expectations. Working with Chef Sadhana's was such a pleasure. As you will see, her approach to preparing a meal truly incorporates all the vital steps to ensure freshness from beginning to end. Let's make a kale salad!

For more great kale ideas, visit: https://amzn.to/2DQto6f

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