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Didiayer Snyder

Up-level your life  by doing the things that make you happy.

Seek to move up the ladder to the greatness that is your ultimately true self, by developing a life that you deserve and others get to experience.

Didiayer Snyder



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Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire people to live an eco-conscious lifestyle. We aim to achieve this by sharing informative stories on our television program through creative insights on our website and on our YouTube channel.


The series focuses on sharing the importance of living a healthy lifestyle through promoting innovative segments including such topics as cuisine, travel, architecture, and design, and thought-provoking stories about individuals who have a positive influence on their communities!​

We believe that wellness through sustainability is key to living and maintaining a balanced life.

Viewership & Media

The A.H.W.D. television program currently airs in the United States on IONLife, in Canada on the Makeful Network, regionally on the Vermont Television Network, and internationally via TVi in Malaysia. The program is also available online via these streaming services: HallmarkMoviesNow and PureFlix.


    At Home With Didiayer currently reaches over 7 million households worldwide.


    An average of 37k visitors per month to the A.H.W.D. website


    15k email subscribers


    Social media followers combined: 165k


With marketing and advertising platforms constantly evolving, the true mark of consumer connection still remains rooted in character. Spanning across multiple media platforms, the At Home With Didiayer brand aims to share authentic stories through the experiences of the relatable personality of Didiayer Snyder. Incorporating your brand into this experience would naturally serve to enhance its presence in households worldwide.


Within our messaging here, At Home With Didiayer strives to share the uniqueness and sincerity of local businesses and initiatives. As your brand seeks to expand its messaging, we feel the At Home With Didiayer brand could be the quintessential platform for extending your marketing reach.

Media Inquires

Personal Appearance 

For over two decades Didiayer has turned her passions into purpose through the gift of motivational storytelling.


Didiayer is a successful brand maven who focuses on subjects close and dear to her heart when called to share with large and intermit groups such as wellness through sustainability, social empowerment, positive thinking, women in business, mindfulness, entrepreneurship, design, and how to create a successful career in the entertainment industry. 


To book a special appearance or have Didiayer speak at your next event, please fill out the media inquiry form above.