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Didiayer Snyder

“Live life out loud and cherish each and every day." 


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At Home With Didiayer

After many years of inspiring people to get their homes and lives organized by making simple yet positive changes, it was only natural that Didiayer (phonetically pronounced dee-dee-air) would launch her own lifestyle travel television program and product line to further spread her message of living an abundant and healthful life.


The At Home with Didiayer television show focuses on sharing the importance of living a healthy lifestyle through promoting innovative products, travel, cooking, design, art, fashion, architecture, and thought-provoking stories about influential individuals.

Season 3 - Abroad With Didiayer

8 Episodes

At Home With Didiayer has a plane to catch! Destinations on the map to explore: Australia, New Zealand, and even Hawaii. 


Fueled by an ambition to engage with the local citizens in many diverse communities, this season’s adventures aim to broaden the audience’s cultural perceptions. Didiayer and family continue to follow the path as bona fide experience-seekers, casting a light on the essentiality of each destination, serving the audience’s insight and inspiration to take a trip.


Of course, food is always involved! Didiayer will cook alongside celebrated chefs, discussing the influence of culinary arts and food in a particular region. And just when you think you have seen it all, the family will reveal an adventure that will have you booking a flight to experience it for yourself! From environmental to fundamental, these half-hour episodes will feature Oceania’s most intriguing places to experience. No matter the destination, Season 3 is bound to inspire viewers to explore this beautiful blue planet we all call home.


Season 2 - The Travel Edition

13 Episodes

After an engaging first season, Didiayer geared up for a second round of the diverse lifestyle series. This time she took to the open road with a few traveling companions - her adventurous husband Christopher, and their two young daughters.


Leading the program with her informative and contagious attitude, Didiayer shares the diversity of American history, art, agriculture, and cuisine. From the arid climate of Utah to the Bluegrass State of Kentucky, she learns from locals about “their” way of life.


Along the way, she even meets with some familiar faces, for instance, world-renowned artist Wyland, country music star Phil Vassar, and Oprah Winfrey’s personal chef, Kenny Gilbert!


Christoper’s introduction into the series is lived out through his passion for the great outdoors. He can be seen experiencing adventures from white-water rafting in Utah to feeding alligators in the Everglades of Florida. 


No matter what the subject is or where the location might be, Season 2 is sure to keep viewers intrigued while drawing attention to the people of this great nation and the places they call home.

Season 1 - At Home With Didiayer

26 Episodes

Didiayer takes her audience on a healthy lifestyle journey that both entertains and inspires!


Along the way, she cooks with world-renowned chefs as well as, discovering the best in architecture, travel, design, and fashion.


A unique aspect of the format of the show is that within every episode Didiayer aims to give viewers “take-aways” that encourage the audience to explore their creativity.


Furthermore, traveling is portrayed as a source of education and engagement showcased in such episodes as, “Destination: Las Vegas” and “Destination: Santa Catalina Island.”

About Didiayer Snyder

Didiayer Snyder, born and raised in Australia, headed for America’s west coast in 1998, when she officially made the move to Los Angeles.


Having worked as a model since her teens, this leggy Aussie quickly found herself on designer runways within weeks of her arrival.

“Modeling gave me a platform to explore the world,” explains Didiayer (phonetically pronounced dee-dee-air), “I loved walking the runway for designers and working with photographers, but most of all I really enjoyed meeting people in the various towns and villages. I’d encounter different cultures and would immerse myself in them, and learn about the surrounding environmental issues. That’s what really held my attention – and it still does, even more so today.”


Indeed, the environment has held Didiayer’s attention for some time. Back home in Australia, it was custom to go “walkabout” and learn how to “live off the land.” A Royal Ranger for seven years, Didiayer became highly skilled in “bushman’s law” and eco-travel. Building shelters, finding drinking water, and cooking dampa (Australian camp bread) became the foundation on which she first developed her love for the planet. “When you spend time truly living off the land, you gain more respect for it. It was a natural step for me to want to support it. As I educated myself more about the things we humans do to harm the planet, I knew I had to step up.”


Didiayer has been supporting the environment by helping others in need. A longtime volunteer with Habitat For Humanity, Didiayer has contributed her carpentry skills and knowledge of sustainable living to communities all across the nation. In 2008, she was their national ambassador and worked alongside construction companies to build 280 energy efficient homes in a week. When it comes to helping people get in touch with the environment, she uses her professional organizational skills (she is a member of NAPO and the NSGCD) and educates homeowners on how to live an environmentally conscious clutter-free life.


After studying carpentry and interior decorating at Ashworth University, and becoming a licensed home inspector, Didiayer had the good fortune to land a gig as the fun-loving hostess on the Travel Channel’s, Amazing Vacation Homes. What more could an apprentice carpenter ask for than the opportunity to travel the globe and explore well-crafted homes while interviewing top notch architects like Obie Bowman, Steven Holl, and Brian Mackay-Lyons.


“When I look back over my career, I have to say that Amazing Vacation Homes was one of my favorite shows. Not only did I get to travel to different countries, I got to meet some incredible architects.  I definitely have a soft spot for architecture and design.”


Since her Travel Channel days, Didiayer has gone on to work on many top television programs here in the United States. From The Nate Berkus Show on NBC, as Nates “go-to-gal,” the home organizer on Giuliana & Bill on E! Entertainment, the creative designer on The Marie Osmond Show, the beloved designer on the Emmy Award winning show Home Made Simple, on Emmy Award winning show Clean House on the Style Network & Esquire Network as the designer who helps hoarders stay they course of home function, to the Emmy Award winning program Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on ABC & CMT as the compassionate designer who pours her heart and soul into each build, to name just a few – Didiayer has certainly created a name for herself and shared her array of skills on and off screen.